Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Girl Scouts of West Central Florida Provide Significant STEM Support

Girl Scouts of West Central Florida, in collaboration with the St. Petersburg Times Newspapers in Education program, compiled a 12-page educational supplement centered around Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) titled "Science, Technology, Engineering, Math and YOU". It was distributed to all 6 - 8 grade classrooms in the area and will go to all subscribers of the St. Petersburg Times on Saturday, Oct. 30. I've read the brochure and loved it. It is full of activities ranging from growing your own crystals and building your own car to making éclairs and doing your own clean air inventory. Kim Jowell, Chief Executive Officer of Girl Scouts of West Central Florida, communicates the importance of STEM career opportunities to girls and their leadership development. She states:
"According to the National Science Foundation, women constitute 46% of the U.S.
labor force,but only 22% of scientists and engineers. Although young girls are
precocious learners, by fifth grade many girls shy away from math and science.
Academic stereotypes and lack of encouragement for girls have caused fewer girls
to take science or math classes than boys and to pursue higher education/careers
in these fields... Together, we can create positive, lasting change by encouraging youth to have an early interest in STEM subjects and career paths – ultimately introducing an entire generation to the disciplines that are changing the future for all of us."
View and download the brochure
here. I'm sure some of you will find it very resourceful. Do you have any STEM activities you would like to share?