Tuesday, May 14, 2024

Spring Bridging Ceremony Ideas We Can’t Stop Thinking About

For moms, dads, grads, and beyond, spring celebrations are starting to pop up everywhere this time of year, especially in the world of Girl Scouts. As the troop year ends and summer camp season is on the horizon, Girl Scouts of all ages look back on a great year of adventures and look forward to endless opportunities. For many troops, this means it’s time for a bridging ceremony!

Most popularly celebrated in the spring, bridging in the Girl Scout world is a fabulous reason to celebrate your Girl Scout troop’s achievements and look forward to the new adventures, discoveries, and, yes, badges that await at the next level. A bridging ceremony usually has an opening ceremony that includes reading the Girl Scout Promise and Law, a literal or figurative crossing of a bridge, and a friendship circle closing. But the experience is totally dependent on what is important to the bridging Girl Scouts.

Many troops choose to combine their bridging ceremonies with other exciting milestones like investiture (welcoming new Girl Scouts) or rededications (committing to another year of Girl Scouting at the same level) so everyone can celebrate together. It’s also a great time to recognize Girl Scouts who have earned one of the Highest Awards: the Bronze, Silver, or Gold Award.

No matter what you’re celebrating this spring, the Girl Scout Shop has what you need to mark the occasion. Leveling up? Check out bridging kits, including certificates and all the new patches, badges, and membership pieces you’ll need for your new uniform.

Speaking of that new uniform, did you know you can order that fresh vest or sash already customized for your Girl Scout? One less thing to worry about before the big day!

Don’t forget your number one celebration accessory...your Girl Scout membership! Renew or join today to take part in the festivities near you and get ready for your next year of adventure.

Bridging Celebration Ideas

No one throws a party like a Girl Scout troop! As with most things in the Girl Scout world, being girl-led is key, and we are 100 percent here for self-expression. Here are a few party tricks developed by troops and volunteers that live in our minds rent free.

Girl Scout Glow Up

Opting for a nighttime ceremony, Troop 723 from Girl Scouts of Caribe in Puerto Rico celebrated their bridging and rededication in neon style to reflect their bright future as they continue their Girl Scout journey.

Haunted House Bridging...Wait, WHAT?

Really putting the ‘fearless’ in fearless leaders, Troop 4357 from Girl Scouts of Northeast Kansas and Northwest Missouri visited one of the oldest haunted houses in the country to conduct their bridging ceremony on the spookiest bridge they could find.

Flying Onward and Upward

Leveling up with a touch of whimsy, this troop’s matching wings have our hearts totally fluttering.

Iconic (Literal) Bridging

Some troops think BIG when it comes to bridging by incorporating major landmarks into their celebration, like these NYC Girl Scouts crossing the Brooklyn Bridge. Many councils plan similar events this time of year; be sure to check out opportunities in your area.

Say It with Sweets

Fact: You don’t have to be a master baker to make a truly memorable bridging treat. Getting creative with candy, cakes, and (of course) brownies adds an especially sweet touch to your gathering.

Crossing the Ultimate Bridge: Becoming a Volunteer

For graduating Girl Scouts, the fun doesn’t have to stop! There are so many ways to stay involved. You can support your favorite camp in the summers, start a Campus Girl Scouts club at your college or level up to the navy blue vest and become a volunteer or troop leader!

Don’t forget, as a recent graduate, you can get a major discount on a Girl Scout lifetime membership so you can stay connected for life! (Pro tip for parents: it makes a great graduation gift!)