Tuesday, October 17, 2023

Coining History: Juliette Gordon Low Takes Her Place on the Quarter

Get ready to celebrate because history is in the making! Our very own trailblazer, Juliette Gordon Low, is about to make her mark on American currency. That's right, Juliette Gordon Low, the unstoppable founder of Girl Scouts, has been selected to appear on the American Women Quarters™ in 2025. As Girl Scouts, we're absolutely thrilled and honored by this announcement. Juliette's passion and commitment have always been an inspiration, and now she'll join the ranks of incredible women who have made a difference and will continue inspiring generations for years to come.

What is the American Women Quarters Program, and why is it so significant?

According to the United States Mint: “The American Women Quarters Program is a four-year program that celebrates the accomplishments and contributions made by women of the United States. Beginning in 2022, and continuing through 2025, the U.S. Mint will issue up to five new reverse designs each year.” These quarters pay tribute to women from diverse backgrounds who have left their mark on suffrage, civil rights, abolition, government, humanities, science, space, the arts, and more. It's a powerful recognition of the incredible impact women have had on our nation's history.

Just think about the trailblazers who've graced these quarters to date: Maya Angelou, Bessie Coleman, Celia Cruz, and Eleanor Roosevelt are just a few examples. Now, Juliette Gordon Low is joining their esteemed company, and we couldn't be prouder. Learn more here.

Why is this important?

The selection of Juliette Gordon Low for this prestigious honor on the national stage serves as a powerful reminder that her visionary spirit and the Movement she founded are beacons of hope for every girl. And today, the world needs Girl Scouts more than ever. Low’s legacy comes to life in every Girl Scout and Girl Scout alum who speaks up for what they believe in, leaves the world better than they found it, and blazes a trail of their very own.

How are honorees selected?

Here’s how the Mint describes it: “The Secretary of the Treasury selects the honorees following consultation with the Smithsonian Institution’s American Women’s History Initiative, the National Women’s History Museum, and the Congressional Bipartisan Women’s Caucus. In 2021, the public was invited to submit recommendations for potential honorees through a web portal established by the National Women’s History Museum.” Want to know more? Learn more about the design process here.

What does the journey to 2025 look like?

While we're all eagerly awaiting the big reveal, let's talk about what's on the horizon. The design of the Juliette Gordon Low quarter will be finalized by spring 2024, and it will be in circulation in 2025. This is the fourth and final year of this historic program featuring coins with reverse (tails) designs emblematic of the accomplishments and contributions of 20 American women.

That gives us plenty of time to get excited, plan celebrations, and reflect on the incredible impact Juliette has had on Girl Scouts and the world.

This announcement is a monumental milestone not only for Girl Scouts but for everyone. It's a reminder that the vision and determination of one person can change the course of history. Juliette Gordon Low's journey from trailblazing leader to a face on our nation's currency is a testament to the power of girls and women everywhere.

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Let's celebrate Juliette Gordon Low's legacy together as we look ahead to 2025 and beyond!