Monday, May 22, 2023

Put Yourself Out There with the Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge

Get ready to turn up the outdoor excitement this summer, Girl Scouts!

Experiencing the joy of being outside is easier than you think. When you take the Girl Scouts Love the Outdoor Challenge, you’ll score a snazzy new patch and have access to 50 fun outdoor activities. Whether you’re surrounded by city blocks or towering trees, there are plenty of ways to put yourself out there, soak up the sun, and reap the benefits of being outdoors.

Did you know that going outside can be a total game-changer? It’s true! Besides the obvious thrill and fun, being active in nature can zap stress and help you find your inner Zen. Plus, it’s the perfect opportunity to make new friends and build a fantastic outdoor-loving community.

Feeling unsure about how to unleash your inner explorer this summer? Fear not! We’ve got you covered with a taste of the amazing activities awaiting you:

Walk on a local trail.

Find your favorite pair of shoes and get walking! You can explore an urban trail that winds through your city or hike on a wooded trail with friends or family. Along the way, take note of any interesting sounds you hear and take pictures. Can you hear birds singing? Do you see any cool plants?

Ride a bike.

Pedal your way to adventure by hopping on a bicycle. Riding a bike is a low-impact, environmentally friendly way to get around quickly. Be sure to wear a helmet and use hand signals, especially when you’re riding around cars.

Look at & identify plants on your street.

What types of plants do you see on your street? Look closely! You might find nature in even unlikely places, like the sidewalk! If you’re not sure what type of plant you’re looking at, ask an adult for help.

Sit in the sun.

The sun helps our bodies produce Vitamin D, which helps us stay healthy. Just 15 minutes of being in the sun can improve your mood and help you sleep at night. Always remember to wear sunscreen to protect against sunburn.

Make a garden box.

Garden boxes are a great way to bring nature into your own backyard or even to your windowsill. The box can be as big or as small as you want. First, decide what you’d like to plant. You can plant flowers, fruits, vegetables, and herbs. Then, choose how you’d like to build your box. You can use supplies from around the house, like old boxes and glue, to make a quick and easy DIY garden box. Ask an adult for help with getting seeds and soil. Once you’ve planted your seeds, research how often they should be watered and how much sun you need. Take care of your plants and soon, you’ll see them bloom!

With these five fun outdoor activities, you’ll explore your neighborhood and discover the wonder of the outdoors, no matter where you live.

Ready to put yourself out there? Join us for the Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge, running from June 1 to September 10. Download the FREE activity sheet with 50 fun activities that will get you out and exploring. Inspire others to embark on their own thrilling journeys by sharing your experiences using #gsOutdoors. Can’t wait to see where the adventure takes you! 

Friday, April 21, 2023

Planting Seeds of Thought This Earth Day with the Tree Promise Patch Program

Every year on April 22nd, known as Earth Day, people around the world take action to celebrate our planet. It’s a passion of Girl Scouts far and wide to be kind to the environment and help the Earth through both small and large actions.

That’s why Girl Scouts have pledged to take action against climate change by planting, protecting, and honoring trees. The goal? Completing 5 million actions for our planet. That might seem like a very big goal, but when we plant seeds of thought with friends and family, those thoughts can turn into actions and inspire more people to plant seeds of thought in their communities. With help from the Elliott Wildlife Values Project, American Forests, and The Arbor Day Foundation, Girl Scouts across the globe have already planted over 100 thousand trees, and we’re still going strong!

When you unlock the Girl Scout Tree Promise patch, you’ll learn how to use resources wisely and make the world better, starting in your own neighborhood. In this program, you can choose which activities you want to do to show the planet some love. After taking the pledge, you can pick how you’d like to fulfill your promise.

To plant trees: Organize a planting event with your troop or friends with help from an adult. You’ll need to plan your event and get enough supplies for everyone attending. This includes seedlings or small trees, mulch, shovels, and probably some snacks to keep everyone’s energy up! Once you plant your trees, you’ll set up a schedule to water them and clean up any surrounding debris so they can grow healthy and strong. For more about planting trees, click here.

To protect trees: Raise awareness about the importance of trees or consider how you might use your cookie earnings to improve areas around the trees in your neighborhood or local park. You might decide to research and help remove invasive species which can hurt trees or simply start watering the existing trees in your area. For more ideas to protect trees, click here.

To honor trees: Read more about all trees do for us and then spread the word. Many cultures use trees in celebrations or special ceremonies. Learn about those traditions and share them with your community. For more ideas to honor trees, click here.

Access virtual resources to see how even small actions can sprout into something even greater. Along with tracking your impact, you can access trees online, protect trees virtually, and watch videos to see how small actions make a big impact.

Together, we have a chance to impact the wellbeing of our planet and create a ripple effect of positive change that will be felt by generations to come. The power is in your hands. Ready, set, plant! Be sure to show us your progress by tagging @GirlScouts and using #GirlScoutTreePromise.
Wednesday, April 12, 2023

Help Daisies Build an Entrepreneurial Mindset with Bilingual English and Spanish Badges

Our Girl Scouts have big dreams — they want to run businesses, buy homes, be financially independent, and help others. But one barrier to success is a lack of education in financial literacy. Without a solid grasp of these skills, girls may miss out. At home, it can be difficult for caregivers to know how to approach conversations around money. That means we need to provide resources for girls of all backgrounds to help them pursue their dreams. And language should never be a barrier to success.

While American English is the most prominent language spoken in the United States, the United States Census Bureau reports that Spanish is the most common non-English language spoken in the country. Spanish is commonly spoken in Hispanic/Latino households. A study conducted by the Girl Scouts Research Institute found that 86% of Latina girls were interested in becoming an entrepreneur. 81% wanted to start their own business one day. But 45% of these same girls didn’t believe that society encouraged women to be entrepreneurs. We know that celebrating diversity and increasing representation are significant factors in whether children believe in their abilities. And we also know that when girls have the resources they need, they thrive.
That’s why Girl Scouts released a bilingual set of Daisy Entrepreneurship badges to help Hispanic/Latino families support their girls in building an entrepreneurial mindset. The bilingual versions of these badges are made possible by The FINRA Investor Education Foundation. These badge booklets can help girls build positive money habits while cultivating a creative and innovative mindset so they’re prepared for wherever life takes them.

They include:
  • My Money Choices badge: learn the difference between wants and needs, as well as how to make good money choices.
  • Money Explorer badge to learn how to use money and about the worth of paper bills and coins.
  • Toy Business Designer badge to explore developing an idea for a toy through brainstorming, designing, making it better, and sharing it with others –just like an entrepreneur!
  • My First Cookie Business badge to learn about running their own business. They will also develop people skills through participating in the Girl Scout Cookie Program.
  • Cookie Goal Setter badge to learn about working as a team, setting goals, and making collective decisions.

We know that girls can achieve big things when they set their minds to it— it just takes the right tools to get there. That’s why you can also visit the Entrepreneurship Portal to access FREE enrichment activities, also available in English and Spanish!

This updated program also bridges potential language barrier gaps between generations— girls can work with family members who can facilitate learning in their preferred language to take an active part in their Girl Scout journey. By engaging in this program, caregivers will help girls develop an entrepreneurial mindset, practice money management, and equip them with skills like curiosity and confidence, which are critical to success in any future career. For additional Girl Scout programs in Spanish, visit our online shop.

When our Girl Scouts set their minds to something, they’re unstoppable. It’s our job to give them the right tools and support to help them get there. Girls learn best when they can see the strong women they know leading by example. This helps them develop the confidence they need to fearlessly chase their goals. So why not get involved with Girl Scouts.

New to Girl Scouts? Join a local troop where your girl will learn, grow, and meet new friends. Already the proud mom of a Daisy? Consider volunteering with your girl’s troop, and be sure to renew your Girl Scout membership!

Ayuda a las Daisies a desarrollar una mentalidad emprendedora con las insignias bilingües

Nuestras Girl Scouts tienen grandes sueños: quieren administrar negocios, comprar casas, tener independencia financiera y ayudar a los demás. Pero la falta de conocimientos financieros es una barrera al éxito. Sin un claro entendimiento del tema, las niñas perderán oportunidades. Y como en casa no siempre se sabe cómo abordar el tema del dinero, Girl Scouts les proporciona a las niñas de todo tipo de ambientes las herramientas para que puedan perseguir sus sueños. Y el idioma no tiene por qué ser un obstáculo.

Si bien el inglés americano es el idioma que más se habla en Estados Unidos, la Oficina del Censo de EE.UU. reporta que, fuera del inglés, el español es la lengua más común en el país. Un estudio del Girl Scouts Research Institute reveló que al 86% de niñas latinas les interesa ser emprendedoras. Al 81% le gustaría poner su propio negocio algún día, pero de estas, el 45% no cree que la sociedad fomente el emprendedurismo entre las mujeres. Sabemos que al celebrar la diversidad y aumentar la representación de las mujeres en la sociedad, es más fácil que las niñas confíen en sus habilidades. También sabemos que las niñas prosperan cuando cuentan con los medios necesarios.

Por esta razón, Girl Scouts ha lanzado un conjunto de insignias de Emprendedurismo para Daisies con el fin de ayudar a que las familias hispanohablantes apoyen a sus niñas a desarrollar una mentalidad empresarial. Las versiones bilingües de estas insignias son una cortesía de The FINRA Investor Education Foundation. Los cuadernos de actividades ayudan a que las niñas desarrollen buenos hábitos de dinero y cultiven una mentalidad de creatividad e innovación que las preparará para lo que les depare la vida.

Estas insignias son:
  • Mis Decisiones de Dinero, para conocer la diferencia entre caprichos y necesidades, y aprender a tomar buenas decisiones de dinero.
  • Exploradora de Dinero, para aprender a usar el dinero y saber cuánto vale cada billete y moneda.
  • Emprendedora Diseñadora de Juguetes (Toy Business Designer), para entender cómo se desarrolla un juguete: se hace una lluvia de ideas, se diseña el juguete, se mejora del diseño y se presenta a otras personas. ¡Son los pasos que sigue la gente emprendedora!
  • My First Cookie Business (Mi Primer Negocio de Galletas), para aprender a administrar su propio negocio. También aprenderán a tratar con la gente participando en el programa de Galletas Girl Scout.
  • Fijadora de Metas de Galletas (Cookie Goal Setter), para aprender a trabajar en equipo, fijar metas y tomar decisiones colectivas.
Se sabe que las niñas pueden lograr cosas grandes cuando se lo proponen: solo requieren las herramientas adecuadas. Por eso, te invitamos a visitar el Portal de Emprendedurismo, donde encontrarás actividades enriquecedoras GRATIS en inglés y españo.

Este programa actualizado también cierra la brecha de lenguaje que pudiera existir entre generaciones. Las niñas pueden trabajar con familiares que, a su vez, podrán facilitar su aprendizaje en su idioma de preferencia participando activamente en su aventura Girl Scout. Al involucrarse en este programa, los adultos de la casa les ayudarán a desarrollar una mentalidad emprendedora, practicar el manejo de dinero e inculcarles la curiosidad y la confianza en sí mismas, las cuales son herramientas críticas para el éxito en cualquier carrera future. Descubre más programas disponibles en español en nuestra tienda en línea.

Cuando nuestras Girl Scouts se proponen algo, no hay quién las pare. Es nuestro deber darles las herramientas y el apoyo para que lo logren. Las niñas aprenden mejor si tienen de ejemplo en su vida a mujeres fuertes. Esto les servirá para desarrollar la seguridad que necesitan para perseguir sus metas con valentía. ¡Qué mejor apoyo que involucrarse en Girl Scouts!

Si eres nueva en Girl Scouts, te invitamos a unirte a una tropa local donde tu niña aprenderá, crecerá y hará nuevas amigas. Y si ya eres la orgullosa mamá de una Daisy, te invitamos a participar en el voluntariado de tu tropa, ¡no olvides renovar tu membresía!
Friday, April 7, 2023

Don’t miss these special volunteer benefits for Volunteer Appreciation Month and beyond!

It's no secret that the Girl Scout Leadership Experience would not be possible without volunteers, but did you know the impact of volunteering reaches beyond troops? In addition to the community service and donations facilitated by Girl Scout volunteers, 94% of parents and caregivers say their girl’s leader made their family feel like part of a community.

It’s time to give back to those who give so much! Whether you’re a volunteer or just a fan of one, you don’t want to miss these special discounts available now, including promotions for Volunteer Appreciation Month and beyond.

Secure your special lifetime membership rate for volunteers with ten or more years of service. 

From troop meetings to camping trips and epic adventures, years of Girl Scout memories are made possible by the incredible work of volunteers. For our longtime volunteers, “thank you” doesn’t even begin to cover the lifetime of experiences they offer to the Girl Scouts they support. However, we are happy to share that volunteers with ten or more years of service are eligible to renew as a Girl Scout lifetime member at a special rate of $200 (reduced from $400!) as a thank you for being a part of our history and our future. Become a lifetime member today and enjoy special benefits, including invitations to memorable events, discounts, and more!

Get crafty with a JOANN Girl Scout Rewards Card

Get ready to unleash the full creative power of your Girl Scout troop! Did you know that all volunteers and active Girl Scout members are eligible to receive a 15% discount on purchases at JOANN stores and online with the Girl Scout Rewards Card*? Additionally, when you shop with your JOANN Girl Scout Rewards Card, JOANN gives a donation to Girl Scouts of the USA! Learn more and register now for your Girl Scout Rewards Card!

Add to your cart with a Girl Scout Shop discount.

If you’re treating yourself (as you should!) or celebrating a volunteer with a special gift, a little appreciation discount goes a long way! During National Volunteer Week, from April 16 to 22, shoppers can use the code THANKS23 for 15% off** most items with your purchase of $75 or more. Whether you’re shopping for camp season or bridging ceremonies, it's the perfect time to spring for a wardrobe refresh with items from the new official adult apparel line. How cute would the chambray shirt be for campfire s’mores this year? And parents, the legacy vegan leather carry-all would be perfect bridging ceremony group gift for your fearless troop leader. 

Celebrate female artists with discounts on JIGGY puzzles. 

JIGGY, a new female-founded puzzle company, is offering a 15% discount off orders of $75 or more*** during Volunteer Appreciation Week (April 16–22). Use code JIGGYGS15 at Each puzzle features art by an emerging female artist, comes in sustainable and elevated packaging, and includes specially formulated puzzle glue to frame and keep your masterpiece. 

Explore NEW Troop Year Plans—available now for current (and new) volunteers! 

The best way to thank a volunteer this month? Become one and lend a hand in making amazing Girl Scout memories! Celebrate Volunteer Appreciation Month by joining the incredible people who make Girl Scout adventures possible all year. Our volunteer application is always open and there’s never been a better time to get started. In addition to the extensive training materials available in your Volunteer Toolkit, we’re excited to introduce NEW customizable Troop Year Plans, available now in print and digital formats, for each grade level so you can easily guide your troop through our most popular activities for a year of fun and adventure.

To all volunteers, from experienced to brand new, we are forever appreciative of your efforts to keep the Girl Scout Movement in motion. In addition to our heartfelt thanks, don’t miss your special note from Girl Scouts of the USA CEO Bonnie Barczykowski! 

Joann Terms & Conditions: 
*Exclusions may apply.

GSM Terms & Conditions: 
**The code is active April 12 through April 25, 2023, and excludes uniforms, customized products, national brands such as Deuter, gift certificates, and ships from council merchandise. Shipping, handling, and sales tax charges are determined by merchandise total prior to discount. This offer cannot be combined with any other promo code/discount, and is valid only on from April 12, 2023, 12:00 AM ET through April 25, 2023, 11:59 PM ET. 

Jiggy Terms & Conditions: 
***15% discount off orders totaling $75 or more, before tax and shipping. Discounts cannot be combined. Discount code is good for one-time use per customer only, online only at Cannot be redeemed as cash. Will not be applied to previous purchases. No rain checks. Coupons are void where prohibited.

Monday, April 3, 2023

Serving Girls Where They Serve: Girl Scouts Celebrates the Military Child 💜

From Massachusetts to California and Brazil to Beijing, Girl Scouts is proud to serve military families across our country and the world. Each day, we’re inspired by the sisterhood of military-connected girls and volunteers who live and breathe our Girl Scout Promise to serve our country and continue to make a difference (and have fun!) while doing it.

That’s why this April, we’re proud to celebrate our military-based Girl Scouts who give so much to our Movement during the Month of the Military Child. 

No matter where a family’s military service takes girls, Girl Scouts is at the ready with tried-and-true programming and a supportive network that allows girls to continue their unique leadership journeys; build new friendships; and enjoy a reliable, safe space of their own. 

How can you participate? It’s easy!

Celebrate on Social Media 

Share your story! Post a picture or video on social media using #MonthoftheMilitaryChild and #BecauseOfGirlScouts, and tag @girlscouts and your home council. Like Chloe did, a Girl Scout Junior with USA Girl Scouts Overseas in Germany:

Girl Scouts has been a place I can come to be myself and to experience things I never thought I could. The best part of being a Girl Scout here in Germany is the girl power my troop has . . . we have bonded so much and have come together through all our experiences. I am so glad that I made the choice to become a Girl Scout, military life isn't always easy but my troop has made it easier.

Color at Home

Although we may not be able to gather to celebrate our military communities, you can show your Girl Scout and military pride with our Month of the Military Child coloring packet! Decorate your homes, windows, and communities with your own versions of this artwork throughout the month of April.

Earn Badges

Visit Girl Scouts Activity Zone to complete creative activities that celebrate you, your families, and your communities.