Saturday, November 19, 2022

Newly Updated Badges and Experiences Just in Time for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Girl Scouts are natural leaders and entrepreneurs—they have the interest and the aptitude to find creative solutions, help their communities, and try new things. Did you know that 78% of girls are interested in becoming an entrepreneur in the future? Black and Latina girls are especially interested in—and particularly poised to become—leaders in entrepreneurship. We just need to support them as they get there!

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute’s Today’s Girls, Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs study, the number of women-owned businesses is growing, but women remain less likely to pursue entrepreneurship compared to men. Additionally, many barriers to financial literacy and empowerment remain, as parents are sometimes uncomfortable talking about money with their children and many schools don’t have the time to address this pressing topic. Even though these statistics are less than encouraging, there’s plenty to be hopeful about. Since 2015 Girl Scouts have earned over 5 million Entrepreneurship badges. There’s more! Keep reading for ways you can help the Girl Scout in your life.

Girls need the space and support to grow, so they can see themselves as future CEOs, inventors, and business owners. And there are so many ways YOU can help support her dreams, ideas, and ambitions. One way is through the newly updated Financial Literacy badges.

Newly updated Financial Literacy badges (for all grade levels). 

Financial literacy is a critical building block for success in life. With the updated Financial Literacy badges, made possible by a generous grant from Charles Schwab and its Founder, your Girl Scout will have the opportunity to, as early as kindergarten, practice goal setting, planning, and teamwork through hands-on play, group projects, and connecting with experts from their local community. Older girls will use their new financial skills to manage their troop finances, which fund their adventures! Instilling a financially empowered mindset will help your Girl Scout make better financial decisions and develop a healthy relationship with money in the long run. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Entrepreneurship badges (for all grade levels).

Although the Entrepreneurship badges are not new, they are an important tool in helping more girls create future businesses and products that make a difference in people’s lives. It’s never too early to start thinking like an entrepreneur and learn from other business leaders. With the Entrepreneurship badges, your Girl Scout will create and pitch a product or service that solves a real-life problem. Then, she’ll build a business plan and think about topics like production, cost, profit, marketing, and competition. Did we mention all the fun she’ll have when coming up with these creative ideas? Maybe she’ll think up a one-of-a-kind toy or build a model of a cool, new product. The best part? She’ll share those ideas with her Girl Scout besties and real-life entrepreneurs. All that and more awaits when she commits to earning the Entrepreneurship badges.

Financial Empowerment events (for all grade levels).

Girls across the country are learning to take control of their financial futures by practicing their entrepreneurial thinking through local Financial Empowerment events. The council-run events are designed based on the new Financial Empowerment Playbooks, made possible by the FINRA Foundation. These age-appropriate single or multi-day events leverage Girl Scout Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and Cookie Business badges to teach girls key financial literacy concepts. Contact your local Girl Scout council to learn if there is an event planned in your area or help your girl get started on earning these badges today.

View Girl Scout Financial Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Program. Additional resources in this set are staff materials to deliver events locally. Contact your council for more information.

Here’s to more Girl Scouts turning into the business trailblazers and innovators our communities need. Get started with the Girl Scout in your life. Download FREE Financial Literacy activities and access FREE resources on
Tuesday, November 15, 2022

Ten NEW Ways to Give Girl Scout Style This Holiday Season

Holiday shopping stressing you out? No worries! We've made a list (and checked it twice) that’s full of Girl Scout style and adventure-ready gear. Introducing the 2022 Holiday Gift Guide, including nearly 200 exciting new items and fan favorites that are sure to delight every Girl Scout, leader, volunteer, and cookie fan!

As you explore the guide, you can sort by budget to find the perfect present. With so many gifts to choose from, here are our top picks for NEW items this year.

For the Camper

Get ready for that warm, toasty campfire feeling you get when you give the perfect gift. These items are sweeter than s’mores. (And much less sticky!)

Going hands-free from the mess hall to the cabins has never looked this cute! Made of recycled polyester, the new camp patches belt bag is perfect for holding essentials without holding her back.

Since being “always prepared” is kind of our thing, we are 100% here for the new Trefoil paracord bracelet which can be taken apart and used in the great outdoors for packing, fishing, and more.

For the Cookie Boss

We’re loving neon colors for the 2023 Girl Scout Cookie season because the future is looking BRIGHT! From the new Cookie Boss lanyard that lets everyone know she's taking care of cookie business to the on-trend clear cookie backpack, these gifts are ready to rally...Raspberry Rally™, that is!

Be sure to stay updated on all things Girl Scout Cookie before the season begins and the new Raspberry Rally cookie makes its exciting debut.

Help your Girl Scout crush her cookie goals one step at a time with Western Chief Girl Scout rain boots. From booth sales to personal deliveries, these styles are available now in women's and girls’ sizes.

For the Fashionista

During our 110-year history, Girl Scout fashions have changed throughout the decades but making the world a better place never goes out of style. New this season, the Trefoil trio hair clip and coil hair tie are perfect stocking stuffers that add a touch of iconic Girl Scout fashion to any look from the new uniform and official apparel line.

Cozy and coordinated outfits for Girl Scouts and volunteers? Immediately, yes! This cuddly new Trefoil zip-up fleece feels like wearing a hug all day and is available in girls’ and women’s sizes.

For Leaders and Volunteers

From meetings and ceremonies to exciting troop adventures, the volunteers who lead the way are a true gift to all of us. Be sure to celebrate their planning, effort, and care with something special this season!

The legacy vegan leather carry-all says “you’re part of history in the making and it shows” in a big way and coordinates brilliantly with the mix-and-match pieces of the new adult official apparel line just launched this fall.

With plenty of room for big plans to make the world a better place, this tote pairs perfectly with the new denim jacket and three-quarter sleeve dress.

Looking for more gift ideas? Be sure to check out the full 2022 Holiday Gift Guide, including active promotions and deals for the season. Pro shopping tip: Be sure to order early for stress-free shipping and delivery. Happy shopping!

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

STEM-tastic Badges and Activities to Inspire Girls of All Ages


Happy National STEM Day!

In today’s world, STEM is all around us and girls, no matter their age, can take part. Whether she's interested in coding, helping the environment, fashion design, becoming a vet, or even baking, take your Girl Scout on a journey of discovery with the newest Girl Scout STEM Career Exploration badges!

Many might not realize it, but STEM skills are critical. Knowledge in STEM helps with day-to-day activities, such as managing money, problem-solving, and making a difference through community service. It can be particularly useful to your Girl Scout as she navigates life, chooses a career path, and gains financial independence. In fact, STEM occupations have grown exponentially (79% to be exact), with almost no job expected to be untouched by STEM and technology in the coming decades. Unfortunately, women remain vastly underrepresented in holding STEM degrees and within our current workforce, making up 48% of the total, but occupying only 34% of jobs in STEM. (Source: The Brookings Institute, Automation and Artificial Intelligence: How machines are affecting people and places, 2019 // World Economic Forum, The Future of Jobs Report, 2020)

This gender gap is perpetuated by gender stereotypes, math anxiety, a male-dominated STEM culture, and fewer female roles models. To address the gender gap in STEM, we need to provide girls more opportunities and support early on. We must spark their curiosity in STEM fields, develop confidence in their STEM abilities, and help them understand how STEM plays a key role in everyday life.

Did you know? Since 2015, GSUSA launched more than 100 new STEM programs and Girl Scouts earned over 5 million STEM badges. Seven in ten Girl Scouts are doing STEM programs already! And while the majority of Girl Scouts are doing multiple STEM activities annually, just ONE Girl Scout STEM activity makes a difference, especially for older girls. High school girls participating in Girl Scout STEM activities showed a 22% increase in STEM confidence, a 17% increase in STEM interest, a 22% increase in understanding the value of STEM, and a 6% increase in STEM competence. Additionally, the more frequently girls explore STEM in Girl Scouts, the more likely they are to be interested in education and careers in STEM. (Source: Girl Scout Research Institute: The Impact of Girl Scout STEM Programming, 2022)

With the STEM Career Exploration badges, Girl Scouts in every zip code can use STEM to make the world a better place. Girl Scouts of all ages explore a wide range of jobs in STEM, connect new or existing hobbies with STEM, and learn from mentors, experts, and community leaders. They have the chance to imagine a future where they're making new discoveries and are part of science-based solutions to real life problems. With engaging badge activities, your Girl Scout will explore STEM fields, have fun, and foster her interests.

Ready to take a look at the new STEM activities and badges? Let’s go!

Say hello to NEW STEM Career Exploration badges (Daisy, Senior, and Ambassador)—made possible by General Motors. Whatever your future holds, a career in STEM can help you shape the world for the better! With this exciting badge program, you can explore how you want to make a difference today and in the future, discover your career possibilities, and take the next step to change the world.


Interested in the current climate crisis? Say no more and join in on the Girl Scout Climate Challenge by November 30, 2022. The Girl Scout Climate Challenge engages Girl Scouts and non-Girl Scouts of all ages in activities that get them outdoors to learn about climate science, connect them with their communities to understand how they’re impacted by climate change, and have them spread awareness of the issue to create change. The Climate Challenge includes activities that connect the science of climate with advocacy, community problem solving, and outdoor adventures.


No time to waste. Your Girl Scout’s STEM-tastic journey continues here! Download FREE STEM activities and resources on the Girl Scout STEM portal.

Tuesday, October 18, 2022

Girl Scouts Receives $84.5 Million Donation from MacKenzie Scott

Gift will help significantly advance the organization's mission to provide life-changing experiences, mentorship, and programming

Today, Girl Scouts of the USA (GSUSA) announced an $84.5 million donation from philanthropist MacKenzie Scott. The donation, awarded to GSUSA and 29 local councils selected by Ms. Scott, will accelerate GSUSA’s initiatives that give girls the tools to become the next generation of powerful women leaders.
This investment is the largest donation from a single individual in the organization’s history and will build upon GSUSA’s vision to support all Girl Scouts as they pursue their dreams and turn compassion into action in their communities.

“We are so appreciative of MacKenzie Scott’s gift to Girl Scouts. This is a great accelerator for our ongoing efforts to help girls cultivate the skills and connections needed to lead in their own communities and globally,” said Girl Scouts of the USA CEO Sofia Chang. “The support from all our donors, including this generous donation from Ms. Scott, is critical in delivering on our work of reimagination and transformation. We’re excited to prove how Ms. Scott’s investment in girls will change the world—because when one girl succeeds, we all succeed.”


The Grant Impact

Ms. Scott’s gift to GSUSA’s national organization and recipient councils will enable Girl Scouts to expand its investment in girls and advance the organization’s recovery from the effects of
COVID-19. The gift will:
  • Create more equitable membership opportunities in communities that have been under engaged. This includes diversity, equity, inclusion, and racial justice (DEI/RJ) initiatives; reimagining the troop experience model to break down accessibility barriers; and partnering with families and communities to holistically support the well-being and development of all girls.
  • Foster meaningful program innovation informed by the current interests and needs of girls to prepare them for leadership, including an expanded focus on career readiness and mental wellness. Integral to this work is expanding girls’ access to STEM exploration, building upon exciting areas of interest such as hands-on coding, aeronautics, and sustainability.
  • Bolster the “foundations” of the Movement in critical areas such as research, staff, and volunteer training. This investment will provide the ability to be visionary about the role Girl Scouts plays in the lives of girls and women while shaping the health and well-being of the communities the organization supports.
  • Future-proof its facilities, including the iconic Girl Scout camp properties. This includes diverse investments such as making climate-resiliency improvements, reimagining its physical presence in communities, and expanding both accessibility and high adventure elements at camp.

The Girl Scouts Difference – Developing the Leaders of Tomorrow

Today’s challenges are complex, interconnected, and more than ever, global. Solving them will demand collaborative leadership and innovative perspectives. Girls represent the world’s greatest untapped talent pool and investing in them will produce the greatest return in economic development, social progress, and public health, improving not only individual lives but the fabric of society overall. However, prior to Ms. Scott’s generous giving, less than two percent (2%) of annual giving benefitted girl and women-focused organizations. Her donation will build upon GSUSA’s commitment to champion all Girl Scouts as they take action and create long-term impact.
Friday, August 26, 2022

Put Your Paws Up for Girl Scouts Helping Canine Companions in Their Communities

We’re celebrating International Dog Day with endless puppy love from Girl Scouts across the country. These paw-some Highest Award projects are too doggone good not to share!

 Baking the world a better place! Girl Scout Juniors Izzy, Ella, and Mia made and sold homemade dog treats and collected donations for a local animal shelter for their Bronze Award project.


Girl Scout Lily treated her local animal shelter to a dog treat dispenser for her Bronze Award project, including removable containers for cleaning and a planter base with dog-safe flowers.

Troop 21 from North Carolina “nose” what makes dogs happy! For their Bronze Award project, the Girl Scouts built a “scent garden,” which included lemongrass, rosemary, and more for local shelter dogs to enjoy.
Inspired by her dog, Cash, Girl Scout Paige created a fun run fundraiser for the rescue where she adopted him for her Silver Award project. She collected enough donations to create 50 adoption bags of supplies to accompany rescue dogs to their fur-ever homes.

Ensuring that Girl Scouts and their dogs are prepared for anything, Chloe worked with her troop to pass state legislation to add pet supplies to the 2022 Disaster Preparedness Sales Tax Holiday for her Silver Award.

For her Gold Award project, Marley created educational resources to improve service dog awareness in her community. Her informational sessions provided tips on how to behave around service dogs to make sure they can do their important jobs.

Pet projects aren’t just limited to Bronze, Silver, and Gold Awards. Brownies can join in the fur-filled fun with NEW activities added to the updated Brownie Pets Badge—available now.