Monday, April 22, 2024

Girl Scout Tree Promise: Growing a Greener Future Together!

When Girl Scouts come together, their collective power knows no bounds. It's a force that transcends individual efforts and creates waves of positive change. Now, imagine channeling this collective strength towards a cause that helps the planet. Say hello to the Girl Scout Tree Promise!

The long-standing Girl Scout Tree Promise program has new and improved guidance to ensure it’s easier than ever to take action. Join us as we plant, protect, and honor trees, to create positive change and make the world a better place.

Made possible by General Motors, participants will learn to protect natural resources, be advocates for causes they believe in, and work as a team—all while having fun with friends and family.

Why Trees Matter Everywhere

Deforestation is hurting our planet. Trees help reduce pollution, prevent erosion, take carbon out of the air, and so much more. When forests are cut down, not as much carbon is removed from the atmosphere, creating last climate effects such as severe weather. But fear not, because Girl Scouts are on a mission to make a difference!

Girl Scouts worldwide have pledged to take 5 million actions to address climate change. Already, Girl Scouts and friends have planted trees, protected new trees and existing tree cover, engaged with citizen science projects, and honored trees. They’ve even acted to raise their voices for the environment at conferences and in their communities. But our work is far from over—we need your help!


How to Make a Difference with the Girl Scout Tree Promise

By completing the Girl Scout Tree Promise, you not only contribute to a greener planet but also unlock a special patch. Here’s your road map:

Make the Girl Scout Tree Promise: From Daisies to Ambassadors, every member and friend of Girl Scouts can get involved. Make the Tree Promise and explore the fascinating ways trees make our world a better place.

Plant, Protect, or Honor Trees: Download the Activity and Volunteer Guides for background information, instructions, and ideas on how you can take action.

Plant: A seemingly small act with a colossal impact. Whether through Girl Scouts, with your community, or even by hosting your own tree-planting, every tree counts. Log your efforts in the Girl Scout Tree Promise Tracker and create a care plan to nurture your planted trees.

Protect: Deforestation is a global issue. Protect existing trees to ensure our ecosystems thrive. Trees need our help, especially in the face of threats like wildfires, disease, and climate change.

Honor: Deepen your connection with nature by learning about and appreciating local trees. This connection inspires action and reinforces our commitment to the environment.

Unlock the Patch: Once you make the Tree Promise and plant, protect, or honor trees, you can find the special patch in the Girl Scout Shop.

The power to make a change is in your hands. By making the Girl Scout Tree Promise, you become an essential part of a collective effort to create a better future. Let’s grow a greener world together—one tree at a time! #GirlScoutTreePromise

More Ways to Make a Difference and Keep the Fun Going!

Made possible by General Motors and the Elliott Wildlife Values Project.
Special thanks to American Forests, the Arbor Day Foundation, and SciStarter.

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

Financial Literacy Month: Unlocking Money Smarts All Year Long

​​Financial Literacy Month is here, and it's time to celebrate. 🎉

This April, caregivers and volunteers, it's your chance to team up and help Girl Scouts master some serious money know-how. Girls have big dreams about their education, careers, and financial success. With our support, they have the tools to reach for the stars. Rest assured! You don't need to be a financial whiz to help them reach their goals and set them on a path of financial empowerment. Let's dive in and see how you can make a big impact while having fun.

First, let’s give a huge shoutout to the nine Girl Scout councils who hosted fantastic Financial Literacy events made possible by the Charles Schwab Foundation. These events were all about Girl Scouts learning the tools to take control of their financial futures. Additionally, these councils are not just stopping there. They are continuing to host more events, ensuring that even more Girl Scouts have access to financial literacy education.

The council-run events were based on the Financial Literacy badges, available for all grade levels. Girl Scouts learned key financial literacy concepts, such as creating a budget, setting money goals and reaching them, as well as making smart money choices.

"I learned about taxes and savings." Olivia, Junior, 11 years old

"I learned that a budget helps me save money." Taylor, Brownie, 8 years old

From Daisies to Ambassadors, Girl Scouts participated in hands-on activities and got important guidance from local Charles Schwab Foundation pros.

“I spoke with the older group of Girl Scouts. They were interactive and fun to talk to! They had some great questions about credit and budgeting.” Jamie, Charles Schwab Foundation volunteer

Thank you to all the participating councils:
  • Girl Scouts—Arizona Cactus-Pine
  • Girl Scouts of Central Indiana
  • Girl Scouts of Central Texas
  • Girl Scouts of Citrus
  • Girl Scouts of Colorado
  • Girl Scouts of Eastern Missouri
  • Girl Scouts Northeast Texas
  • Girl Scouts Spirit of Nebraska
  • Girl Scouts of Texas Oklahoma Plains

Next, let's ensure that your Girl Scout has the opportunity to shape her financial future. If you believe in the importance of financial literacy as a key aspect of success, then let's dive into those Financial Literacy badges today. These badges are designed to address real-world situations that girls will encounter and provide them with skills to make wise financial choices. Even kindergarteners can get in on the action, practicing goal-setting and teamwork through fun activities and projects. And for the older girls? They'll get to flex their financial muscles by managing troop finances, funding their awesome adventures, and so much more. By instilling a money-smart mindset early on, we're setting your Girl Scout up for a lifetime of making savvy financial decisions.

So, as we celebrate Financial Literacy Month this April, let's come together to make a difference. Let's arm our girls with the knowledge and confidence they need to make the world a better and more equitable place. By introducing a mindset focused on smart money management early on, we're laying the groundwork for your Girl Scout to make informed financial decisions throughout her life. Let's do this! 💪💰

Monday, April 1, 2024

Cheers to You, Super Volunteers! Inside the Girl Scout Celebration of #YourYearOfImpact

Girl Scout Volunteers make the world go ‘round! Your generosity is the secret sauce making magic happen in the lives of countless Girl Scouts. Join us as we celebrate your dedication in helping Girl Scouts grow and thrive.

Heartfelt Gratitude from Our Leaders:

During Volunteer Appreciation Month, we take time to shine a spotlight on the amazing individuals like you who bring the Girl Scout experience to life. So, to the selfless volunteers who keep the Girl Scout Movement in perpetual motion: We see you and appreciate you…this month AND all year long! Take a moment to see this year’s special note of thanks from Bonnie Barczykowski, our CEO, and Noorain Khan, our National Board President.

“Volunteers are the beating heart of Girl Scouting and make it all possible. They unlock adventure, exploration, curiosity, and community impact while also serving as inspirational role models and mentors for our Girl Scouts—championing, challenging, encouraging, and inspiring them as they move through their Girl Scout experience. We are so grateful for the time, energy, care, and creativity they bring and for all they do to ensure Girl Scouts is truly transformational.”

-Bonnie Barczykowski, GSUSA CEO

“As a proud Girl Scout alum, I know firsthand the impact of Girl Scout volunteers. They activated and empowered me, and they made Girl Scouts a place where I felt like I belonged. None of what Girl Scouting has done in the last 110+ years would have been possible without the very best volunteer force in the world—and that’s what we have. They contribute their time, their living rooms and garages, their treasure, their hearts, and so much more. Their commitment to our mission means everything—to councils across the country, to everyone at GSUSA, and most of all, to the Girl Scouts they serve.”

-Noorain Khan, GSUSA National Board President

Celebrating the Unique Spark of Our Diverse Volunteers:

Sharing is caring—which is why we want the world to get to know our talented, creative, and dedicated volunteers! No two Girl Scout leaders are alike, but they all have that “something special” required to make a real difference in girls’ lives. Here are just a few of the inspiring volunteers like you working their magic across the country.

“When a Girl Scout lost her home to a tornado, she reached out to volunteers council-wide through Leaders Lounge (a Facebook group for GSofSI leaders) to ask for help to make sure this Girl Scout's family had what they needed from clothing to food, and even birthday presents for the girl. In addition to all of this, she has Service Unit events nearly every month and reaches out to each individual family to make sure they know what is available beyond a troop setting.”

Thank you, Debra, Girl Scouts of Southern Illinois

“[...] Ninety-five percent of my girls would never go camping if I didn’t take them. They wouldn’t meet CEOs of companies or meet other Gold Award Girl Scouts. They wouldn’t meet female pilots and astronauts and hear their inspiring stories. But most importantly, they develop the confidence to make a difference in their community.”

Thank you, Patricia, Girl Scouts of Tropical Florida

Want to share your story with us? Take to social media this month and use the hashtag #YourYearOfImpact

A Token of Our Appreciation:

Volunteering is a generous gift that deserves recognition. There are countless intangible benefits of helping Girl Scouts grow and thrive—but there are concrete perks to enjoy, too. For Volunteer Appreciation Month this year, we’re thanking our volunteers with a special 15% discount on $50 or more in the Girl Scout Shop (with promo code THANKS24) from 4/19–4/22!

You can also enter our extra special Volunteer Sweepstakes for the chance to win a grand prize bundle worth up to $1,250 in retail value!

There will be four drawings in the month of April and four winners of a bundle valued at $1,250 that will include troop year essential badges/pins and trefoil fun finds for your troop as well as a customized denim jacket, rose gold journal, and adult recycled vest for you the volunteer. Not to mention, a $750 Amazon gift card—thank you to Amazon for their generous donation. Terms and conditions apply. Visit for details.

Gathering Grateful Girl Scouts:

Why do you do what you do? To be the rad mentors, the fun facilitators, the outdoor gurus, and the life skill legends for Girl Scouts of all ages. We've recruited Girl Scouts from coast to coast to shout out their favorite volunteers! This month, girls can download and print our Volunteer Thank You Card to hand to their MVP volunteer, or share the digital version on Instagram to spread the love far and wide!

Download Thank You Card

A Fill-in-the-Blank Volunteer Thank You Card that girls and caregivers can share with a Girl Scout volunteer.

It takes creativity, heart, and energy to serve as a Girl Scout volunteer—but words can’t even begin to express how much every single volunteer means to the Girl Scouts they serve. Simply showing up and encouraging girls to be themselves makes a lasting impact that they’ll carry with them for the rest of their lives. There has never been a better time to help girls grow in your community—thank you for being the superheroes you are!

So, hold on tight for the rest of Volunteer Appreciation Month—expect heartwarming stories, mega thank-yous, and just good ol' fun.

Not a volunteer but curious about becoming one? Find your local council and learn how you can join our movement!
Monday, February 19, 2024

Building The Future With STEM Starts With You


    There’s so much hidden inside the fascinating world of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics). When Girl Scouts learn about scientists exploring the deepest reaches of space, reaching supersonic flight, or creating new worlds in the metaverse, we show them they have the potential to make the world a better place. Caring adults are essential to encouraging a love for STEM by encouraging girls to explore through hands-on activities as they discover real-life applications and find creative solutions through STEM that help them shape their interests and future. So, we’ve developed a new STEM Playbook, made possible with support from General Motors, to help you confidently deliver fun and interactive STEM programming to girls.

    When Girl Scouts learn about STEM, they learn all sorts of things. Here are a few of the many benefits of introducing STEM into your Troop Year:

Breaking Stereotypes:

    Representation matters. When Girl Scouts don’t see women in STEM, they don’t see themselves pursuing it as an interest. By showing girls they can excel in fields traditionally dominated by men, we open doors to a world of endless possibilities. Proving anyone can be a scientist, engineer, or mathematician. 

Solving Real-World Problems:

    STEM empowers girls to find solutions to real-world problems. Girl Scouts can use their creativity to solve problems they see in their communities. Learning about climate change and plastic pollution, girls can find solutions like designing a water filtration system built from recyclable materials, reducing plastic waste, and providing clean drinking water to their neighbors.  

Inspiring Innovation:

    Girls in STEM bring fresh perspectives to the table. They see problems from unique angles and come up with groundbreaking solutions. When Girl Scouts bring their experience to STEM, they can dream up creative ways to change the world.

Shaping a Brighter Future:

    Imagine a world where more girls pursue STEM. It's a world where diseases are cured, clean energy powers our cities, and climate change is mitigated. It's a world where equality thrives, and opportunities are limitless. 

    When we learn about STEM together we shape a better world, one discovery at a time.

    STEM is about more than just numbers and equations. It's about unlocking the potential within every Girl Scout and empowering them to change the world. Together, we can encourage girls to explore the wonders of STEM, to dream big, and to believe in their ability to make a difference. 

    Girl Scouts has the resources to help. Download the new STEM Playbook, your go-to resource to help you confidently and easily deliver STEM programming. Check out STEM-inspired activities in the Girl Scouts Activity Zone, and the Girl Scouts Destinations Pacific Exploration in STEM to name a few. Together, we can give Girl Scouts the confidence and skills to take on any challenge that comes their way.
Thursday, February 1, 2024

Black History Month: Celebrating and Continuing Legacy


    Get ready to be inspired this Black History Month by these remarkable Girl Scouts who are making a significant impact on the world and their communities. These girls embody resilience, and leadership, and are actively shaping history today. Get ready to meet stars who are making waves not just during Black History Month but well beyond!

    What's even more awesome? Each story isn't just about the here and now. It's a continuation of progress, a legacy, and carrying on the work of those who paved the way. So, during February, let's celebrate the possibilities and the work led by today’s girl leaders.

    Last year, Girl Scout Trinity earned her Gold Award with her work, "Educating Youth on Natural Hair Care and Hygiene," celebrating natural hairstyles for girls of color. Collaborating with her team, Trinity authored, illustrated, and published a book celebrating natural hairstyles for girls of color. This book also served as a key resource in workshops Trinity organized, where she shared knowledge on proper hair care and encouraged the embrace of hairstyles that celebrate natural textures, fostering confidence in the process. Additionally, she donated copies of her book to local schools and libraries, to ensure a lasting impact on future readers. Her impact in her community continued, as she conducted book readings for over 350 students, making significant strides in education and representation for girls of color everywhere.

    Girl Scouts Morgan and Maya aimed to inspire positive change in their community through their Silver Award documentary, "Telling Our Story: Charlotte's Black History." Inspired by their Bronze Award project dedicated to civil rights pioneer Dorothy Counts-Scoggins, the girls aimed to uncover and share lesser-known aspects of Charlotte's Black history. The documentary features interviews with influential figures such as Counts-Scoggins, Harvey B. Gantt, and Kass Ottley, exploring various facets of the city's history from the Black perspective. The film showcased the significance of Black leaders in areas like housing, education, culture, and the Black Lives Matter movement. These Girl Scouts also aspire to integrate the documentary into their local curriculum, to help broaden understanding of the city's Black history.

    Girl Scout Melia took on a mission to diversify books within her local schools' libraries after noticing a lack of representation in her school library. She was also inspired by the #1000BlackGirlBooks campaign and collected nearly 300 books featuring Black girls as main characters. Melia also partnered with a Black woman-owned bookstore in her area to promote African-American-focused literature. The books that were collected were distributed to schools and the Boys and Girls Club, fostering representation and building self-esteem among young readers.

    Gold Award Girl Scout alum Rachel, wanted to encourage and equip Black teenage girls aged 14 to 18, for success in their future careers. She noticed the lack of representation of female Black executive leadership in business and wanted to inspire girls early to gain the skills and confidence to step into the world of business. Doing so she created her program Black Girls Mean Business which provides resources such as workshops, networking tools, and even connections to mentors.