Friday, March 3, 2023

What do Girl Scout Daisies do?

Did you know that Daisy troops can grow year-round? You don’t have to wait for a new school year to start your Girl Scout journey! In fact, many new Daisy Girl Scout troops sprout up in the winter or spring instead of the fall—that means it’s never too late to get started.

The first thing to know about Girl Scout Daisies: Making the world a better place has no age minimum! As the youngest Girl Scouts, Daisies have endless possibilities ahead of them as they begin the journey to courage, confidence, and character that is the Girl Scout Leadership Experience.

New friends, outdoor adventures, exciting discoveries, and delicious cookies are just the beginning when you join Girl Scouts as a Daisy. With so much to see and do, the best way to grow is one petal at a time.

If you’ve ever seen a Daisy in the wild, you may have noticed a colorful flower on the front of their bright blue uniform. What you may not know is that Girl Scout Daisies earn those petals by learning each part of the Girl Scout Law and applying it to their world.

Each petal represents a new skill or adventure for Girl Scout Daisies to explore together, like learning how to be honest and fair from local female athletes or being considerate and caring as they clean up their communities. As they earn each petal, Daisies discover more about themselves and each other as their troop reaches new heights together.

Along the way, the spark of new friendships inspires Daisies to be curious about their world as they learn how they can make it a better place. From learning about inclusivity and celebrating Juneteenth to the iconic bond created by classic friendship bracelets, Girl Scout troop friendships are like none other.

As they build courage, confidence, and character, Daisies learn about accountability and the importance of their words and actions. Girl Scout Madison definitely knows what she brings to the table! Shop her Daisy style and explore the full official apparel line here!

No matter which petal you begin with, the memories you make with your growing Daisy will plant the seeds for an exciting journey with Girl Scouts. Ready to get started? Join today!