Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Girl Scout Cookies: Unboxing the Girl Powered Future

The sweetest time of year is here! Girl Scout Cookies® are more than delicious treats—they’re building blocks for Girl Scouts to create a more equitable future for themselves and the world. Did you know the proceeds from each purchase stay local and fund Girl Scouts’ ambitions? Whether it's embarking on cross-country trips or supporting local communities, there's no limit to Unboxing the Future.

We asked our community on social how they’ve used past cookie funds, and their answers showed the impactful power of the Girl Scout Cookie Program®! Let’s take a look at how REAL Girl Scout troops have used their cookie money!

Giving Back

Girl Scouts are always looking for ways to make a positive impact in their communities. Many troops use their cookie funds to give back and help others. From donating toys and food to animal shelters to providing household products and food to local families, and bringing holiday cheer to fellow kids, cookie packages are a powerful tool for helping those in need! Moreover, cookie proceeds play a role in supporting Bronze, Silver, and Gold Award projects, which inspiring Girl Scouts use to make a difference by identifying and addressing challenges in their communities.

Badges and Activities

Girl Scouts are the champions our communities crave! Beyond selling cookies and mastering incredible skills, they channel their profits into further learning and adventure. They're shaping the future as leaders, problem-solvers, innovators, and their authentic selves, embodying the spirit of courage, confidence, and character. With each badge earned and every community project undertaken, they're building a brighter tomorrow—one step—and one cookie—at a time. Over the years, cookies have fueled pottery projects, STEM experiments, and even overnight adventures at the zoo and the aquarium!


Trailblazing Adventures

Have cookies, will travel! Every year, Girl Scouts across the country turn their cookie money into unforgettable trips, where they forge strong friendships and create lasting memories. Some Girl Scouts have gone on adventures in nature by embarking on weekend camping trips or traveling all the way to Yosemite National Park. Talk about taking a hike! Other Girl Scouts have explored our Movement’s history in Savannah, Georgia. More into thrill-seeking? We’ve had troops take their money to sunny California and Florida to enjoy fun-filled theme parks, and some have even traveled abroad to Europe.

Troop 70643 took two years to save and plan a week-long trip abroad, visiting London and Paris! These Girl Scouts got to see things such as the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace and the Eiffel Tower.

These journeys truly give Girl Scouts new perspectives of the world they contribute to!

Entrepreneurship Endeavors

From humble beginnings to remarkable success, the journey of Girl Scout alums Taylor and Sydney Davis traces its roots back to the invaluable lessons learned during their cookie-selling days. Crediting their start-up skills to those early entrepreneurial experiences, they have nurtured the growth of their size-inclusive boutique from the ground up. When you buy a box of Girl Scout Cookies, you are directly investing in the world’s largest girl-run business. Girl Scouts everywhere are developing valuable entrepreneurial talents, just like Taylor and Sydney.

Embrace the sweetness of empowerment this cookie season by supporting local troops. Head over to girlscoutcookies.org to discover your nearest cookie booth and play a part in helping Girl Scouts in your area 'Unbox the Future.' And remember! You can always text "Cookies" to 59618 to stay up to date on all things Girl Scout Cookie.

We can’t wait to see how Girl Scouts will unbox their future this year! Make sure to tag @GirlScouts and use #GirlScoutCookieSeason in all your amazing stories on social media.