Monday, October 30, 2023

Explore the World Of Animals with the New Badges

Girl Scouts are good at so many things, from learning new skills to spreading joy and giving back to their communities. One thing that unites Girl Scouts is their desire to create positive change and help others. With their boundless curiosity, Girl Scouts have the power to make a difference in the world, not only in the lives of people, but also in the lives of every creature we share the planet with: animals!

Animals close to home can provide companionship and support, or make our lives easier. Animals far away can spark a new interest or teach us more about the world. But some animals face danger every day. Because they can't speak up when they need help, it’s our job to protect them. When your Daisy, Junior, or Cadette starts earning one of the new Girl Scout Animal Badges, they’ll embark on a fun journey into the world of animals.

Unlock a NEW badge by downloading one of our free, fun activities! Animal Habitats and Animal Helpers badge—made possible thanks to The Elliott Wildlife Values Project. 

Animal Observer–Daisy (K-1)

Girl Scouts are naturally curious and eager to explore their surroundings. With the new Animal Observer badge, Daisy Girl Scouts will hone in on their observation skills to discover more about animals, near and far. They’ll start by using their senses to identify animal sounds, prints, and behaviors and take notes like an animal scientist. Then they’ll play games to solidify their knowledge and have the chance to visit one of their favorite animals in real life!

Animal Habitats–Junior (4-5)

Animals live in all types of homes—in trees, underground, underwater, and even on glaciers! With the Animal Habitats badge, Junior Girl Scouts can investigate different animal habitats at home and around the world. They’ll use their curiosity to explore animal homes and try their hand at building one. Then they’ll learn about endangered animals and the importance of protecting their habitats to benefit the planet.

Animal Helpers–Cadettes (6-8)

The connection between humans and animals has always existed. Whether animals are serving to protect or provide comfort in difficult times, the animal-human connection is an essential part of human history. With the Animal Helpers badge, Cadette Girl Scouts will learn about this connection and its mutual benefits. They will learn to translate knowledge into action and become advocates for animals by actively participating in organizations dedicated to animal welfare.

The Girl Scout Animal badges not only teach Girl Scouts about their favorite animals, they also help them discover more about the world around them and how to use what they learn to create positive change.