Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Stay Ahead of the Game: Six Tips to Beat the Summer Slide

Get ready to step into summer with a splash of fun and a dash of learning. Say goodbye to the dreaded "summer slide" (loss of academic skills when girls are not engaged in educational activities) as we highlight six exciting ways to make this summer a blast for you and your Girl Scout. Let's dive in!

Keep it Green. Get Outside:

Exploring nature promotes critical thinking, problem-solving, and creativity, all essential skills which can help prevent academic regression. Outdoor programs, such as the Girl Scouts Love the Outdoors Challenge, also provide opportunities for hands-on learning and exploration no matter where you live. So, whether you’re surrounded by city blocks or forests, your Girl Scout can get involved today!

Explore FREE Educational Resources at The Achievery ™:

Girl Scouts and AT&T are collaborating to deliver FREE, entertaining, and engaging [RNV3] educational resources to students The Achievery, a digital learning platform from AT&T with over 500 learning units. The Achievery is a fantastic opportunity for your Girl Scout to enhance her skills in various areas, including digital literacy, social emotional learning, math, science, and more. Sign up for a FREE account today!

STEM-brace the Fun:

Summer is a perfect time to earn one of many exciting STEM badges. By actively engaging in STEM badge activities, your Girl Scout will maintain their academic progress, stay motivated, and build a strong foundation for future learning and success.

Find Your Inner Artist:

Encourage your Girl Scout to express herself creatively through art. Explore badges such as Digital Photographer, Dancer, or Jeweler. Artistic activities ignite imagination and curiosity in girls, encouraging them to explore new ideas and perspectives. This fosters a love for learning and cultivates a passion for creativity and self-expression.

Volunteer in the Community:

Girl Scouts don’t just dream of a better world—they go out and make it. Get started on a Service Project and help your girl develop important life skills and empathy. Collaborate with local organizations and explore volunteer opportunities that align with Girl Scout values.

Write it Down. Create a Summer Learning Journal:

Encourage your Girl Scout to keep a summer learning journal. This journal can include drawings, writings, or even photos of summer adventures. The process of journaling helps reinforce their learning, improve writing skills, and create lasting memories of their summer activities.

Preventing the summer slide is crucial for your Girl Scout’s continued growth and development. Remember, summer can be a time for both fun and learning. Want more? Check out the Badge Explorer to find your next badge, or explore fun activities for all ages and grade levels.