Monday, February 13, 2023

Girl Scout Volunteer Moments We Love!

 One thing that all great Girl Scout memories have in common? They were made possible by the efforts of volunteers. From behind the scenes support to their trailblazing leadership, the people who give their time to champion the ambition of their Girl Scouts are a special kind of magic.

We know we’re not alone when we say we love our volunteers. When asked about their troop leaders, 86% of Girl Scouts said their leader makes them feel important and 94% of parents/caregivers say their Girl Scout’s leader made their family feel like part of a community.

We asked our volunteers what they loved most about volunteering and, unsurprisingly, the results had us in our feelings. Here are some of our favorites:

With all this love in the air, consider this your friendly reminder that Volunteer Appreciation Month is just around the corner. Don’t worry – it's not until April, so you still have time to write a heartfelt card, create a fabulous piece of troop artwork, or pick out a snazzy piece from the new adult apparel line to show your appreciation. Remember – sometimes the best things aren’t things at all but a helping hand, especially during Girl Scout Cookie Season!

Looking to join the ranks of fearless leaders, daring trailblazers, and organizational wizards that are Girl Scout volunteers? Great news! Our volunteer application is always open. Get started with loads of training materials in the Volunteer Toolkit to bring you up to speed and help you guide your troop through the Girl Scout Leadership Experience. Start making your own incredible Girl Scout memories today!