Wednesday, February 1, 2023

Five Ideas to Celebrate Black History Month with Girl Scouts

Take a second to think of a Black woman trailblazer and change-maker whose story impacted you. Maybe it’s someone you know personally or maybe it’s someone you learned about at school.

Can you picture her yet?

Now, share her story with one or more people and inspire them to celebrate the strength, originality, beauty, and resilience of Black girls and women everywhere.

Black History Month (and every month!) is a time to acknowledge, celebrate, and commemorate the achievements of African Americans. But did you know that history is also happening here and now? From phenomenal Gold Award Girl Scouts making a lasting impact on their communities to bold Black women breaking records and shattering glass ceilings—Black history is happening all around us, and there are endless ways to celebrate and learn.

You and your Girl Scout can start by downloading the free activity guide for the Black History Month Celebration “I’m A Girl Scout!” Fun patch.

Here are a few ideas your Girl Scout is sure to love:

1. Watch and a movie or documentary about Black history in the United States, then share with your friends. Kick off your list with a silver screen activity. Learn about Black stories through the eyes of notable Black storytellers such as directors, actors, and historians, as well as through first-hand accounts. Share what you learned with your friends or host a screening!

2. Identify five books written by Black authors that you would like to read—and start reading one of them! Throughout history, Black authors and poets have shaped the ideals and imaginations of their readers. Whether you pick up a book from the powerful Harlem Renaissance literary movement or check out a new book from your favorite contemporary Black author, explore your favorite genres and find those stories that you won’t want to put down.

3. List five Black woman scientists, along with a sentence (or more!) about each woman's work. Get to know the trailblazers responsible for some of the most impactful contributions to science and beyond. You can even take it a step further and pick your favorite scientist to uplift and share the story of their legacy with those around you!

4. List five major events of the Civil Rights Movement, noting the dates and two or three details about each one. We are not that far removed from the movement that shaped the word we know today. This activity proves that it is never too late to discover new information or get a refresher on the old.

5. How did Black History Month get started? Learn more about National Freedom Day and Negro History Week. Last but not least, discover how it all came to be! Learn how the initial celebration, started by Carter G. Woodson, evolved into a month of worldwide commemoration and pride for the history, works, and achievements of the Black community.

For a full list of ideas and activities to earn your Black History Month Fun patch, visit the Girl Scout Shop.

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This Black History Month, let’s fill our social media feeds with a showcase of Black women who changed our world in decades past, as well as those who continue to do so today.