Tuesday, April 21, 2020

The Girl Scout Cookie Care Challenge Is On!

Over the past few weeks, Girl Scouts have stepped up in amazing ways to stay connected, help one another, and make a difference in their communities.

As you probably know, when traditional door-to-door sales and in-person cookie booths were suspended because of COVID-19, we launched the Girl Scouts Cookie Care campaign to encourage cookie fans to buy or donate their favorite cookies online and have them shipped to their doors.

To date, Girl Scouts have sold more than 1 million boxes-SWEET! We’re in awe of the outpouring of support and hope to maintain the momentum until every last box is sold. Will you help us reach the finish line? It's easy. Simply participate in the Cookie Care Challenge! Here's how:

I'm a Girl Scout currently selling cookies. Can I participate in the challenge and sell cookies?
Absolutely! You can join the fun by sharing the green square image on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter; nominating friends, family, and fellow Girl Scouts; and using your own Digital Cookie® link so others can purchase cookies directly from you. Be sure to use #VirtualCookieBooth in your posts!

I'm a Girl Scout Cookie lover or a Girl Scout who ended her cookie sale. How do I get involved?

You can still help other Girl Scouts! Participate in the challenge by sharing the green square image on your social media accounts, nominating others, and including the Cookie Care link to purchase cookies or donate them to frontline workers and local causes in need.

Whether you're a Girl Scout, a troop leader, or just someone who believes in the Girl Scout mission and wants to show support and solidarity, the impact of your participation in Cookie Care is huge. By buying or donating cookies and encouraging others to do the same, you’re sustaining the Girl Scout Movement and bringing joy and comfort to those on the frontlines of the crisis. We’re so grateful!

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