Monday, March 28, 2011

Weekend Run-Down

Let's spotlight some Girl Scout media stories from the weekend:

  • In New Jersey, The Cranford Chronicle's Dinah Dunn relates her family's love of Girl Scout Cookies by saying, "I am powerless against Girl Scout cookies. Powerless, so it seems, is my family. When the cookies arrived on Sunday, it was like chum in the water. The feeding frenzy was so vicious I had to wrestle the boxes out of their hands and hide them in an old suitcase in the basement." I can relate!

  • The Herald-Mail reports that a group of Girl Scouts transformed a library into a 'heavenly' space.

  • In Virginia, The Vienna Patch's column 'Whiz Kid' features a great read through of local Girl Scout Gold Award recipients.

  • Ohio's Chronicle-Telegram has a column devoted to interviewing a fifteen year old Girl Scout. Regarding a sleepover at the All Pro Freight Stadium, she states, "We’re going to sleep on the field in a box to see what it’s like to be homeless and we brought donations to the homeless shelter. We’re trying to find out what it’s like to be homeless for a night."

  • West Virginia's News and Sentinel reports that a group of women recently gathered in Parkersburg to reminisce about a special time in their lives. More than 30 years ago, the women were members of Cadet Troop 1256 and Senior Troop 1091 of the Girl Scouts who were based at St. Andrews United Methodist Church in Parkersburg.

  • In Massachusetts, The Burlington Patch reports that Burlington’s fourth and fifth grade Girl Scout troops competed in the town's first Rope Runner competition on Sunday. Rope Runners are simple wooden figures that balance on a single wheel and race along 1/8 inch nylon ropes. The participants construct their Rope Runners from a kit and then decorate them according to their own design. Rope runners can be as simple as a wooden box with weights, wheel and axel, or they can be as elaborate as their creators’ dreams.