Thursday, March 3, 2011

Alert: The Seattle Time's Nancy Leson Needs Girl Scout Cookies!

Seattle Times food writer Nancy Leson serves up the best info and tips on Northwest food, cooking, dining and restaurants and this week writes about the lack of Girl Scout Cookies in her life. "So far this year it's been ixnay on the Girl Scout Cookies, for me at least. I'm always a sucker for the girls in green (must be that sash I once wore), and in particular for the green boxes we call "freezer cookies" in my house (you likely call them Thin Mints, found year round in my freezer -- hence the nickname)." she writes. "Somehow, this year, I haven't been the recipient of a single sales pitch and have managed to miss out on the front-of-the-supermarket action that inevitably results in a sale for this old softie. To say nothing of a freezer full of you-know-whats." Oh no!

Are you in the Seattle area? If so, hook Nancy Leson up with some Thin Mints already!!