Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Girl Scouts Journey Toward World Thinking Day

New York's Auburnpub.com reports that the third Girl Scout Leadership Journey series, “It’s Your Story - Tell It!” was released recently. The leadership journeys are a key part of the Girl Scout Leadership Experience and are set up as a series of activities grouped around a particular theme. The Girl Scout Leadership Experience reinforces the 15 leadership outcomes we build in girls, including developing a strong sense of self, gaining practical life skills, feeling connected to their communities locally and globally, and feeling empowered to make a difference in the world.

The “It’s Your Story - Tell It!” leadership journey series uses a storytelling theme in a grade level-relevant way for girls to better understand themselves and their potential and help them build a strong sense of self. On this journey, an emphasis is being placed on media literacy and creative expression and girls participate in a variety of arts, including performing, visual, culinary and new media, to tell their stories and take action to make the world a better place.

The article reports that local Caywasco Girl Scouts are busy planning upcoming Journey themed activities. With World Thinking Day coming up on February 22, the girls are holding an event on February 12 detailing the five countries selected for this year’s Thinking Day: Bolivia, Cyprus, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nepal and Yemen. Each troop will bring a highlighted detail about one of the countries. It could be a food, a game, an activity, a flag or an interesting fact about that country. Each of the girls will then bring their homemade passports around to the various countries and have them stamped as they visit each country. World Thinking Day is a day when Girl Scouts and Girl Guides around the globe learn about each other and take action in their communities to help make the world a better place.

As reported earlier, Girl Scouts of the USA and Dove®, the leading personal care brand, partner to deliver Girl Scout leadership and self-esteem programming to millions of girls nationwide and abroad with the release of the latest Girl Scout leadership journey It's Your Story—Tell It! It's Your Story—Tell It! uses a storytelling theme in a fun and relevant way for girls to better understand themselves and their potential.