Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Girl Scout Cookie Program Model Used to Help Animal Shelters

Care2 has a column today by Dr. J. Beaudoin, Founder of World Wise Animals, an international grassroots organization whose single purpose is to help struggling rescues and shelters succeed. Titled 'Using the Girl Scout Cookie Model to Help Animal Shelters', it states that the most successful fund raiser in the states that helps individual groups is the Girl Scout cookie sales.

Using the Girl Scout Cookie Program as a model, World Wise Animals set out to create a fundraiser that would be unique and work for all shelters, rescues, and sanctuaries across the country. The "Take a bath - save a life" fund raiser campaign will take place twice a year to coincide with March -- spay and neuter your pet month -- and October -- adopt a shelter dog month. Not only will shelters and rescues be able to raise much needed money for themselves, they will also be able to promote within their communities the importance of altering your pet and the need for homes for all the lovely animals waiting at the shelters or with rescues.

Read how to become involved here. How has the Girl Scout Cookie Program helped you in other areas of your life?