Friday, January 21, 2011

Extreme Home Makeover: Girl Scout Edition

Tune in to ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover this Sunday, January 23, and watch the Home Makeover team build a home for a single mother of two who divides her time among family, work, college, and volunteering for the Girl Scouts. In December, The Augusta Chronicle, GA, reported that Earnie Graham was surprised by the crew of Extreme Makeover: Home Edition at the Girl Scouts of Historic Georgia's Augusta office, where she works. Earnie has a full schedule, balancing her time between her job at the Girl Scouts of Historic Augusta, where she puts in extra time to mentor the girls, her schoolwork as a student at University of Phoenix, and her dedication to her church, Mt. Calvary Baptist.

In addition to the new cedar log cabin that was constructed at Camp Tanglewood, a Girl Scout camp in Martinez, Little Brownie Baker made a one-time only special variety of Girl Scout Cookie for the show. It is not available to the public and is served as a prop to highlight the Girl Scout Cookie Program. The selection process is exclusive to the show’s producers.