Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Wedding Gift of Girl Scouting

gift for girl scout leadersGirl Scouts of the USA congratulates Aylin Tugberk and John Amore on their recent wedding nuptials in Brooklyn, New York. We deeply appreciate Aylin and John for choosing Girl Scouts of the USA as one of their charities of choice for their wedding guests to give philanthropic donations in lieu of gifts. They were able to raise over $10,000 in donations.

Aylin and John selected Girl Scouts because Aylin is a Girl Scout Alumna, who participated in the Girl Scouts Leadership Experience. Aylin was a Brownie and continued her participation in Girl Scouts through her senior year of high school. Both Aylin and John are passionate about international relations and world travel. They met as colleagues while working at Citigroup in 2004 and had the opportunity to travel. Of her experience in Girl Scouting, Aylin says:
"Girl Scouts helps ease transitions from one phase of childhood to another and then from adolescence to adulthood. It serves as another group of friends you
can rely on. The key is to find a core group of girls within your troop from the early ages and go through the stages of scouting together. While your schools may change, your friendships with those girls will only grow as you develop into a young leader and community steward. I am so glad I was a Girl Scout throughout my youth. To me, it is one of my greatest accomplishments and there are only happy memories associated with all the activities we did.”
Kudos and Congratulations to Aylin and John! You too can help Girl Scouting by donating. Your gift to Girl Scouting will help girls realize their dreams and become tomorrow's leaders. Through your generosity, they will grow into active and engaged members of their communities and develop their full potential in their chosen fields. Join us in helping girls everywhere. Donate now - it is tax deductible.