Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The Changing Face of Fashion is a Hit!

As previously reported, earlier this summer, Girl Scouts of the USA enlisted models from Wilhelmina Curve to be featured in The Changing Face of Fashion, a set of videos exploring self-esteem and personal empowerment from the perspectives of plus-size models Lizzie Miller, Anansa Sims, Leona Palmer and Julie Henderson. The Changing Face of Fashion was directed and shot by lifestyle and beauty photographer Cathrine Westergaard. As a part of a new initiative at Girl Scouts to address the image of girls in the media, The Changing Face of Fashion is supported by Beauty Redefined: Girls and Body Image Survey (2010), a study conducted by The Girl Scout Research Institute.

So far the video has been picked up and broadcast at Seventeen, Tonic, Mom Logic, StyleList, The Cotillion, Strollerderby, Daily Venus Diva and many more. While many people understandably struggle with the term 'plus size', others appreciate the exposure girls will get to sizes larger than zero. One very interesting and telling article from iVillage points out an actual Girl Scout's comments from another Blog:
“You want a story? Come look at my troop. We're a group of girls from ages
11 to 18, and we can do anything. We have faced everything together. Divorces,
cancer, a girl in a three-week coma, breakups and all the bumps and scrapes of
teenage life. In high school, we have 18 girls in our troop. That's more
impressive when you consider there are 350 girls in my high school, and we're
not the only troop. We have girls going off to Ivy League schools and girls
going to community college, girls of every weight, color, religion. Girls who
have rebuilt playgrounds, raised spina bifida awareness, rebuilt hiking trails,
created award winning websites, and collected hundreds of thousands of coats for
children with HIV. We are mighty. We go bellydancing, bowling, white water
rafting, spelunking, and rock climbing. We learn from Ren Faire actors,
occupational therapists, police women, pharmacists, and more. We support
soldiers in overseas hospitals with care packages and homemade quilts, cards and
DVDs. We CHANGE THE WORLD. Us, ourselves. Don't look a gift horse in the
mouth...a positive message for girls is a positive message, no matter who it
comes from, and we need more of that.”
I certainly could not have made a better case than that!