Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Girls in Space

KSAL News in Salina, KS, reports that 2 Kansas Girl Scouts will be headed to the Goddard Space Flight Center in Maryland next week to learn about NASA's Science Mission Directorate. Sounds comlicated! So, what is NASA's Science Mission Directorate? NASA's Science Mission Directorate conducts scientific exploration enabled by the use of space observatories and space probes that view the Earth from space, observe and visit other bodies in the solar system, and peer out into our Galaxy and beyond. Fun!

Moving on - The Girl Scouts of Kansas Heartland team is 1 of only 10 Girl Scout Council teams out of 109 selected to participate. When they return home, these Girl Scouts will be responsible for organizing at least 5 trainings with adults and older Girl Scouts, and to form a Girl Scout Astronomy club with the help of a Girl Scout-NASA core volunteer mentor. Girl Scout Council teams will spend 4 days at the Goddard Space Flight Center seeking to gain knowledge of NASA missions and how astronomers work to unravel the mysteries of the universe. Sounds pretty awesome to me!