Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's a Hit: Thank U Berry Munch!

While most people I know name drop either Thin Mints or Samoas /Caramel DeLites as their favorite Girl Scout Cookies - I have recently been converted to the magical powers of our new cookie, Thank U Berry Munch. I am not alone! This morning, The Morning Journal in Cleveland, OH, has a write up about Thank U Berry Munch, while also mentioning the success of The Girl Scouts of Northeast Ohio's Cookie Program - it states:

"During the 2008-09 cookie sale, Girl Scouts sold more than
2.5 million packages of cookies in 18 counties in Ohio."

My personal review of Thank You Berry Munch:

"Thank U Berry Munch tastes like an excellent pecan sandie, with cranberries and white chocolate chips to boot. By far my favorite Girl Scout Cookie - Five Stars."-Josh
What is your favorite Girl Scout Cookie?