Tuesday, December 15, 2009

GSRI Study Draws Diverse Coverage

As previously reported, The Girl Scout Research Institute released its latest study, Good Intentions: The Beliefs and Values of Teens and Tweens, on December 2. I'm happy now to show off some great coverage the findings have gotten all over the country. Some of that coverage includes local newspapers such as the Asbury Park Press in New Jersey, which interviewed GSUSA's own Kimberlee Salmond. A choice quote:
"There's clearly a generational change taking place," said Kimberlee Salmond, senior researcher at the Girl Scout Research Institute and lead author of the study. "These young people strongly value diversity, acceptance and civic involvement, and almost across the board they're more committed to these values than their predecessors were 20 years ago."
Next, head over to NBC Channel 13 WREX-TV in Rockford, IL, and check out some recent Good Intentions TV coverage. Also around the country, a number of councils have blogged about the study. Anna Maria Chávez, Chief Executive Officer of Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas, used her blog on the San Antonio Express-News to discuss the study. In it she states that,
"...while many youth have good intentions about making responsible choices, they
need help connecting these desires to action. It is our responsibility to help youth actualize their intentions and keep them focused on their goals, to support youth by discussing with them their decision-making process rather than placing judgment, to treat their personal struggles with respect, and to value their voices by asking questions about their lives and engaging them on issues that matter to them..."
More great blog work in Texas - Etta Moore, Chief Executive Office of Central Texas, blogged about the study on the website for the Girl Scouts of Central Texas. In her posting, Moore relates the findings to some fantastic Girl Scout initiatives:
"The Forever Green project we are piloting allows girls to take lead on environmental projects and initiate a sustainable change in our communities. The Girl Advocacy Network helps girls learn how to impact laws at the local, state and national level. And last but not least, the Girl Scout Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards provide project road maps for girls to make the world a better place through a cause of their choice."
If you see any Good Intentions stories popping up in your communities, let us know!