Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Un mensaje de Sylvia Acevedo: El compromiso con la inclusión es parte de nuestro ADN

Publicación de Sylvia Acevedo, Directora Ejecutiva Interina de GSUSA

En Girl Scouts of the USA, el compromiso con la inclusión es parte de nuestro ADN. Girl Scouts fue fundada por una mujer valiente y audaz –Juliette Gordon Low– quien no temía romper el molde y que claramente declaró que las Girl Scouts serían un movimiento "para las niñas de Savannah, de toda América, y de todo el mundo."

Por más de 100 años, hemos vivido a la altura de esas palabras y llevado adelante el legado de apertura, inclusión y unidad que fue establecido por Juliette Gordon Low. Hemos acogido activamente a todas las niñas y somos un reflejo de la sociedad americana. A través de tiempos turbulentos y difíciles, a través de guerras y depresiones económicas, y a través de períodos de paz y prosperidad, siempre hemos servido a niñas de todos los orígenes, sin importar su raza, etnia, religión, posición económica, o historia familiar.

En el ambiente de hoy, algunas niñas pueden experimentar ciertas presiones y ansiedades; pueden sentirse inseguras, confundidas e incluso amenazadas. Girl Scouts siempre ha sido y será siempre un movimiento para TODAS las niñas, un lugar donde las niñas pueden, deben y se sienten seguras para explorar todo su potencial.  En Girl Scouts aprenden nuevas habilidades, hacen amigas para toda la vida y aprovechan todo su potencial para ser las líderes que nuestro mundo necesita tan desesperadamente.

Así que permítanme ser perfectamente clara: Girl Scouts está aquí para ellas. Nuestra  misión es apoyar y alentar a todas las niñas, no es involucrarnos en su espiritualidad, cuestionar su lugar de nacimiento o el país de origen de la familia, o preocuparnos por su estatus económico. No estamos interesados ​​en las creencias políticas de su familia. Sin importar quién sea ella, siempre tiene una casa y un lugar seguro en Girl Scouts. Lo que importa, es que ella es una niña que vive en nuestra comunidad, una niña con esperanzas y sueños, ideales y ambiciones que buscamos estimular. Girl Scouts es acerca de la niña que ella es y la mujer y líder que tiene el potencial de ser. 

En el mundo hiperpartidista y supercargado de hoy, es fácil perder de vista de lo que representamos como Girl Scouts y lo que tenemos que hacer. Estamos a favor de la inclusión. Nosotros defendemos la unidad, el patriotismo y un compromiso con el país que todos compartimos. Apoyamos las habilidades y recursos que las niñas necesitan para descubrir sus talentos y obtener el coraje, la confianza y el carácter que necesitan para ser líderes. Estamos a favor de que sean honestas, justas, amables, serviciales, consideradas, atentas, valientes y fuertes. Defendemos la hermandad y estamos a favor de hacer del mundo un lugar mejor, una niña a la vez.

El mundo puede ser aterrador y confuso, pero Girl Scouts continúa siendo un hogar para las niñas de todos los orígenes. Nos dedicamos continuamente a los valores de la Promesa y Ley de las Girl Scouts y trabajamos día tras día para asegurarnos de que todas las niñas se sientan incluidas y bienvenidas. Estamos alineados para hacer de nuestro mundo un reflejo del sueño de Juliette Gordon Low desde hace tanto tiempo, un sueño donde nos reunimos, celebramos nuestros lazos comunes, defendemos nuestro patrimonio único, compartimos la historia, y hacemos del mundo un lugar mejor.

See This Top Cookie Boss Charm a Boss of Late Night

Even Jimmy Fallon can't resist this top cookie-seller's sales pitch! Last night, Katie Francis from Girl Scouts of Western Oklahoma appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to celebrate her latest achievement—breaking a Girl Scout record. This Cookie Boss has sold 101,105 boxes of Girl Scout Cookies throughout her Girl Scout career. And thanks to Jimmy Fallon, Katie's ending her 2017 cookie season with 101,106 boxes sold!

A special thank you to Reddi Wip and Fallon Tonight for your generous donation to Girl Scouts of the USA!

And guess what?! Girl Scout Cookies are an incredible opportunity for girls to do extraordinary things. When you support her cookie sale your dollars help power new, unique, and amazing experiences for her and all of the awesome girls who sell Girl Scout Cookies! Whether it’s a trip she’ll never forget, a service project that will change her community forever, or the opportunity to build a lifetime of memories at camp, Girl Scout Cookies help make it happen!

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Thursday, March 16, 2017

Stella & Dot Founder’s Girl Scout Beginnings

Jessica Herrin, CEO and Founder of Stella & Dot Family Brands

At Stella & Dot, we’re about celebrating entrepreneurs of all sizes, so we’re thrilled to have recently partnered with an organization that encourages girls to grow their innovation from a young age—Girl Scouts of the USA! Strong girls become strong women, and we love supporting the Girl Scout mission to support those mini entrepreneurs in the making.

Every day I am lucky enough to go to work surrounded by an amazing community of women (and men) who are passionate about what we do. Not surprisingly, many of these women were former Girl Scouts, including myself. I have fond memories of proudly wearing my Brownie uniform and going to troop meetings with my dad and sister.

It may not come as a shock, but one of my favorite activities as a Girl Scout was cookie season—my go-to cookie is still Thin Mints®. The cookie-selling experience created an entrepreneurial blueprint for me as I learned the value of hard work and community and that the small actions of a few can add up to great success. My years as a #cookieboss have no doubt influenced my journey to become a Stella & Dot #styleboss and to share Stella & Dot’s entrepreneurial mission with so many others. Being a Girl Scout taught both me and my daughter about friendship, sisterhood, confidence, and courage; I think we can all agree that those skills never go out of style.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Strong Leadership, Strong Girls

Last week, interim CEO Sylvia Acevedo and Girl Scouts of Ohio's Heartland Council were invited to attend and speak at the Columbus Metropolitan Club located in Columbus, Ohio (the same city we'll be hosting the G.I.R.L. 2017 Convention!) to discuss the state of girls' leadership and how Girl Scouts are making a difference everyday.    

Ohio Governor John Kasich even surprised the guests by presenting Sylvia with a resolution thanking her for being an advocate and role model for young women and said, "if we can get all of our young women in this country to realize that if they change one life, they can change the world. That's exactly where we want to be and you're the perfect person to be there."

Thank you to all who attended this wonderful event and if you are ready to join us for an epic adventure in Columbus, Ohio this fall, register for G.I.R.L. 2017 today!
Tuesday, March 14, 2017

3 Simple Ways to Improve Your Luck

Fact: Good things tend to happen to Girl Scouts. They’ve been invited to camp out at the White House and took to the streets of Manhattan for the 90th Anniversary Macy's Thanksgiving Parade on their very own float. They’re constantly being written up in local papers.  They’ve explored space on historic NASA missions, and lead some of our country’s major companies.

Some people might say these girls and women have been lucky, but that couldn’t be farther from the truth. It isn’t a four-leaf clover or a wink from a leprechaun that opens doors and creates opportunities for Girl Scouts—it’s hard work, determination, and a passion for improving the world that does the trick. That’s right, Girl Scouts make their own luck, and so can you by following these tips!

1. Take action
Dreams rarely come true without a whole lot of doing on your part! If there’s someone who’s achieved the things you hope to one day have happen in your life, find out what she did to get there and then make a plan for yourself based on the path she followed.

2. Be collaborative,  not competitive
A lot of people think you have to be tough or even ruthless to get to the top or make big things happen in the world, but that’s simply not true! In fact, it’s a lot easier to make your dreams come true when you have a team of people who want to help and support you. When you lend a hand or cheer someone else along in their projects, they’re far more likely to do the same for you. Added bonus? When you finally do finish your amazing service project, land that dream job, or even get elected to government office, you’ll have so many wonderful friends to celebrate with.

3. Do something scary
It’s no coincidence that some of the things that can help you achieve your dreams— like introducing yourself to powerful people, trying a challenging new activity, or speaking in front of large groups of people—might make you nervous. There’s risk involved with each of them, of course, but when you take a step back and think of the wonderful things that these actions might lead to, they almost always far outweigh any negatives that might happen along the way.