Saturday, November 19, 2022

Newly Updated Badges and Experiences Just in Time for Women’s Entrepreneurship Day

Girl Scouts are natural leaders and entrepreneurs—they have the interest and the aptitude to find creative solutions, help their communities, and try new things. Did you know that 78% of girls are interested in becoming an entrepreneur in the future? Black and Latina girls are especially interested in—and particularly poised to become—leaders in entrepreneurship. We just need to support them as they get there!

According to the Girl Scout Research Institute’s Today’s Girls, Tomorrow’s Entrepreneurs study, the number of women-owned businesses is growing, but women remain less likely to pursue entrepreneurship compared to men. Additionally, many barriers to financial literacy and empowerment remain, as parents are sometimes uncomfortable talking about money with their children and many schools don’t have the time to address this pressing topic. Even though these statistics are less than encouraging, there’s plenty to be hopeful about. Since 2015 Girl Scouts have earned over 5 million Entrepreneurship badges. There’s more! Keep reading for ways you can help the Girl Scout in your life.

Girls need the space and support to grow, so they can see themselves as future CEOs, inventors, and business owners. And there are so many ways YOU can help support her dreams, ideas, and ambitions. One way is through the newly updated Financial Literacy badges.

Newly updated Financial Literacy badges (for all grade levels). 

Financial literacy is a critical building block for success in life. With the updated Financial Literacy badges, made possible by a generous grant from Charles Schwab and its Founder, your Girl Scout will have the opportunity to, as early as kindergarten, practice goal setting, planning, and teamwork through hands-on play, group projects, and connecting with experts from their local community. Older girls will use their new financial skills to manage their troop finances, which fund their adventures! Instilling a financially empowered mindset will help your Girl Scout make better financial decisions and develop a healthy relationship with money in the long run. It’s a gift that keeps on giving.

Entrepreneurship badges (for all grade levels).

Although the Entrepreneurship badges are not new, they are an important tool in helping more girls create future businesses and products that make a difference in people’s lives. It’s never too early to start thinking like an entrepreneur and learn from other business leaders. With the Entrepreneurship badges, your Girl Scout will create and pitch a product or service that solves a real-life problem. Then, she’ll build a business plan and think about topics like production, cost, profit, marketing, and competition. Did we mention all the fun she’ll have when coming up with these creative ideas? Maybe she’ll think up a one-of-a-kind toy or build a model of a cool, new product. The best part? She’ll share those ideas with her Girl Scout besties and real-life entrepreneurs. All that and more awaits when she commits to earning the Entrepreneurship badges.

Financial Empowerment events (for all grade levels).

Girls across the country are learning to take control of their financial futures by practicing their entrepreneurial thinking through local Financial Empowerment events. The council-run events are designed based on the new Financial Empowerment Playbooks, made possible by the FINRA Foundation. These age-appropriate single or multi-day events leverage Girl Scout Financial Literacy, Entrepreneurship, and Cookie Business badges to teach girls key financial literacy concepts. Contact your local Girl Scout council to learn if there is an event planned in your area or help your girl get started on earning these badges today.

View Girl Scout Financial Empowerment and Entrepreneurship Program. Additional resources in this set are staff materials to deliver events locally. Contact your council for more information.

Here’s to more Girl Scouts turning into the business trailblazers and innovators our communities need. Get started with the Girl Scout in your life. Download FREE Financial Literacy activities and access FREE resources on