Thursday, June 23, 2022

LGBTQ+ Girl Scout Alums Inspire with Courage & Authenticity

Say hello to the five incredible LGBTQ+ Girl Scout alums who are making the world a better place by shining their courage, confidence, and character everywhere they go.

Natasha, Amanda, Sally, Brit, and Lauren are sharing their stories and wisdom in hopes of inspiring others. From selling Girl Scout Cookies to starting their own businesses and leading in boardrooms, these alums encourage those around them to be their true authentic selves—we’re here for it!

Natasha Case

“I was a Brownie, and I remember selling cookies and making gingerbread houses out of Girl Scout Cookies,” says Girl Scout alum Natasha Case. “That was the first time I brought architecture and food together.”

Years later as a 25-year-old architect with Disney Imagineering, Natasha thought the corporate world might not be for her. She and her now-wife, Freya, decided to blend Natasha’s love of building with her love of ice cream. The upshot? Coolhaus, an architecturally inspired ice-cream sandwich business.

Today Natasha runs a national brand that continues to innovate in terms of flavor and building a brand with purpose.

“Women [often strive for] perfection, but in business ‘done’ is better than ‘perfect,’” Natasha says. “Ultimately, the pursuit of perfection is paralyzing.”
Amanda Deibert

For screenwriter and comic book author Amanda Deibert, success came quickly after she self-published her work on social media platforms.

“I put up a comic about my life. DC [Comics] approached me and asked if I wanted to write a Wonder Woman comic,” she explained. “Then, they started asking me to write other stories. Eventually, I was able to get a DC Super Hero Girls graphic novel.”

What Amanda learned from the experience was the importance of “just doing the thing instead of waiting for the opportunity.”

Today, Amanda has a successful career as a comic book writer and television screenwriter.

It’s necessary, she says, “to be vulnerable enough to try things and be okay to fail … whenever I have done that, that’s when I got to do tremendous things.”

Read on to see how Amanda dealt with loss early in life & why trying new things is so important.

Sally Susman

It can take a lot of bravery for people to step into the world every day as their true selves. Sally Susman—executive vice president and chief corporate affairs officer for the biopharmaceutical company, Pfizer—has proven that being a champion for yourself can, in turn, inspire others.

“There are a lot of gay employees around me—on my team, in my company,” she says. “I don’t necessarily know who they are, but they know who I am. They come to me and say they appreciate my courage, which is humbling.”

For Sally, bringing her whole self to work has made a big difference in her career. She offers advice for others who want to be equally as authentic in their own workplaces. Read on.

Brit Barron