Tuesday, April 5, 2022

Girl Scout Cookie Season Tweets That Just Make Sense

And that’s a wrap on the 2022 Girl Scout Cookie season! Year after year and with each box sold, you've supported girls’ abilities to learn, grow, and thrive through adventure. These tweets about Girl Scout Cookies are so good you’ll be wishing you had another box—and another, and another, and...

Who said #Adulting was a bad thing?

No caption needed when Stefon Diggs from the Buffalo Bills is holding a box of Samoas®/Caramel deLites®

 Yes, Girl Scout Cookies are always a good answer.

One can never have too many Girl Scout Cookies when you are powering amazing opportunities for girl entrepreneurs!

While these might not be tweets, check out these honorable mentions:

To all of you who have purchased Girl Scout Cookies this year, THANK YOU for supporting your local troops—in-person or online! Another unprecedented cookie season and Girl Scouts handled it with grace and perseverance. Shoutout also to those amazing volunteers and parents who helped support all the cookie bosses out there. See you next year, folks! 

Click here for more information on the Girl Scout Cookie Program.