Thursday, March 31, 2022

WHM: Doses of Inspiration from Five Famous Girl Scout Alums!

Celebrate Women's History Month with a dose of inspiration from these famous Girl Scouts!

Let’s start off with a simple statement—Women’s History Month is EVERY month! Every minute of the day there is a woman out there breaking the glass ceiling, empowering others, and making the world a better place. Did you know some of those women are Girl Scout sisters? To wrap up the official Women’s History Month, we have gathered some inspiring words of wisdom from famous, trailblazing women who also happen to be Girl Scout alums.


Famous or not, Women are POWER. Now go out there, dream big, and make things happen! You’ve got this. Which of the quotes inspires you most? Take to social media and let us know. Make sure to tag us @girlscouts and use #GirlScoutsRock.