Friday, April 22, 2022

The Girl Scout Tree Promise: It’s not a Moment. It’s a Movement

What happens when Girl Scouts come together? You guessed it—incredible things! When we use our collective power for good, we can make a difference in our communities and globally.

The Girl Scout Tree Promise, now a national service project, is a bold environmental and conversation initiative led by YOU—girls, volunteers, and supporters. In the past year, thousands of Girl Scouts have done their part for the planet. TOGETHER, we’ve planted over 44,666 trees around the world, including in all 50 states—and we’re just getting started.

Here are just a few highlights showcasing your passion and dedication:

Why bother with planting more trees? Planting trees can be one of the solutions to climate change and species loss. However, the climate change clock is ticking, and more action is needed from governments, corporations, and local communities to make a lasting impact for generations to come. All over the world, forests are losing their ability to thrive and grow back on their own due to the challenges climate change presents, including wildfires, droughts, severe changes in temperature, and other natural disasters. In cities, trees help cool communities, reducing the heat island effect created by buildings, machines, and pavement that hold heat. Planting more trees can help provide climate change mitigation and benefit our communities, especially in underserved neighborhoods. According to Yale Climate Connection’s blog, “Low-income communities, people of color, indigenous people, people with disabilities, older or very young people, women—all can be more susceptible to risks posed by climate impacts like raging storms and floods, increasing wildfire, severe heat, poor air quality, access to food and water, and disappearing shorelines.”

There’s so much more trees can do for us. Planting millions of new trees can amplify the impact of existing trees and forests, further cleaning the air, reducing greenhouse gases and pollution, preventing erosion, and providing wildlife habitats—essentially, working environmental magic. And the more people who value trees, the more people to plant and protect them. Honoring trees multiplies your efforts to fight climate change.

From Daisies to Ambassador Girl Scouts—even adult members and partners—every member and friend of the Movement can take action and participate in the Girl Scout Tree Promise! Can you think of one friend you can invite to plant or honor a tree in your neighborhood? Ask them to join you or your troop and unlock the special 2022 Girl Scout Tree Promise patch.

We believe in protecting the only planet we have—that’s the Girl Scout Law. Here is how you can get started:

1. Take the Girl Scout Tree Promise and plant, protect, or honor trees.
Not sure how to find trees near you? No problem. Scroll down to the “Additional Resources” section for extra help.

2. Record the trees you plant in the online tree tracker.

3. Visit the Girl Scout Shop for your Girl Scout Tree Promise patch.

If one Girl Scout following her dream of planting trees and making an impact on climate change is powerful, then imagine what 1.7 million Girl Scouts can do! Together we have a chance to impact the wellbeing of our planet, achieve climate justice, and create a ripple effect of positive change that will be felt by generations to come. The power is in your hands! Ready, set, plant! #GirlScoutTreePromise

The Girl Scout Tree Promise is made possible by the Elliott Wildlife Values Project and Johnson & Johnson Foundation.