Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Everything You Need to Know about the 28 New Girl Scout Badges in 2021

Say hello to 28 new Girl Scout badges focused on entrepreneurship, math in nature, and digital leadership! The activities included in the new badges will spark your girl’s imagination while inspiring them to navigate a changing world.

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Here’s what you need to know to get started:

Math in Nature (grades K–5): Despite increased remote learning, not all learning happens indoors. This badge gets girls outdoors to explore and conserve the natural world as they learn math concepts. Activities include discovering shapes and patterns in natural objects, learning about symmetry and tessellation, and mastering time and measurement theories. Girl Scouts then use this knowledge to design nectar feeders, trail maps, and other outdoor tools and essentials. Sponsored by Johnson & Johnson.

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Cookie Business (grades K–12):
With businesses shifting their models and relying even more on technology, girls learn to think beyond the cookie booth. The new Cookie Business badges help girls think like entrepreneurs as they run their own cookie businesses and incorporate online sales and the Digital Cookie® platform throughout their work. The badges progress from goal setting, working as a team, and effective sales-pitching in person and online to using market research and creating and implementing business plans and digital marketing campaigns.

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Digital Leadership (grades K–12):
The world is digital! With these new badges, Girl Scouts explore what a digital leader is and how to become one in their everyday lives. They learn how to be online in a responsible, safe, and positive way, and dive into topics like managing well-being, how to balance time, and how to navigate online misinformation, clickbait, and biases in advertising. Girl Scouts discover how people use technology to connect, build community, and lead, then use those skills to create impact and become digital leaders themselves. These forward-thinking badges are designed to prepare, support, and motivate girls as they explore the digital world. Sponsored by Instagram.

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