Monday, May 3, 2021

Get Ready to Travel in 2022: Girl Scout Destinations for Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors

Picture this: The year is 2022 and you’re sitting in the car, your ID and suitcase in hand, on your way to the airport. You arrive at your airline’s counter to check your bag and print your ticket. Dressed in slip-on shoes and relaxed sweatpants, you’re prepared to speed through security and settle in at your gate until boarding. The time comes for you to show the gate attendant your ticket and ID, head down the long tunnel, and find your seat next to a window. You hear the pilot announce your Destination. Everyone is boarded and the plane starts taxiing down the runway. You pull your earbuds from the front pocket of your backpack and crank up your favorite playlist. Takeoff. You look out the window, watching your hometown disappear beneath a blanket of fluffy white clouds. Where are you headed? The adventure of a lifetime. 

After a long year of quarantine, it is finally time to start planning that adventure. For Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors, Girl Scout Destinations are the perfect opportunity to travel and explore with Girl Scouts from all over the country. With 20-plus Destinations to choose from there’s a unique, life-changing experience for every Girl Scout.

No matter which Destination you choose—feasting through Italy, canoeing the north of Minnesota, surfing in Costa Rica, or immersing yourself in STEM career fields in Texas or Hawaii—the adventure starts the same way, with the thrill of takeoff and the independence of navigating a new area you’ve never been. This is what you’ve been waiting for. Now it’s finally time, but you’re not going anywhere unless you start your application! 

Visit the Girl Scout Travel website to find a complete list of upcoming Destinations, including their costs and application requirements. Get started now—applications are due June 15, 2021.

Not sure Destinations is right for you? Don’t just take it from us, hear from other Girl Scouts why their Destinations experience made a lasting impact.

“My Destinations to the Galapagos Islands and Peru helped me appreciate the little things and reinvigorated my love of nature.”  —Madelynn, Spirit of Nebraska

“My Destination to Yellowstone opened my eyes to how many different backgrounds people could come from. I thought it was the coolest thing that I got to hang out with girls from all over the country.”  —Sarah, Central Maryland

“My trip to Minnesota gave me a chance to be away from home and out of my comfort zone, but still gave me a fun and safe opportunity.”  —Shaina, Southwest Indiana