Tuesday, September 29, 2020

How Girl Scouts Inspired Alums to Make the World a Better Place

Making the World a Better Place

On Facebook we asked our alums about the Girl Scout experiences that inspired them to make a lasting difference as adults, in their own communities and the world at large. We received so many inspiring responses—279 to date! Read on for some of the standouts.

1. Breaking Down Barriers

“Working as part of a team to overcome whatever obstacles appear, to be positive, and to appreciate others’ talents.” —Janet L.

2. Serving Those in Need

“My troop and I made heart-shaped hand soaps and chocolates for women and children in local domestic abuse shelters.” —Rachel P.

3. Connecting with Community

“My Gold Award project [involved] taking a deep look at my community and seeing what steps I could do to bring awareness to a significant local need.” —Tamra R. 

4. Taking the Lead

“My 10 years as a Girl Scout provided me outdoor, service, and—most importantly to me—an unlimited supply of leadership opportunities.” —Tara O.

5. Finding Service-Driven Career Paths 

“We were constantly seeking service projects. I ended up joining the Peace Corps.” —Sally R. 

6. Caring for the Environment 

“Camp [gave me exposure to the outdoors, and] I went on to get my degree in environmental education and teach kids and teachers for 30 years.” —Gina S. 

7. Being Guided by Strong Role Models

“Attending Girl Scout camp every summer for a decade, I was surrounded by strong women who never told me I couldn’t do something.” —Megan W.

8. Stepping Up

“Joining Girl Scouts was one of the best decisions I have ever made because it taught me how to choose to do good instead of just standing by and doing nothing.” —Anna C.

9. Empathizing with Others

“My Brownie troop … visited children at The Holiday House [a home for kids with disabilities] and shared a cabin at Girl Scout Camp Darden with a troop of girls [with disabilities]. I learned a lot at a young age [about how] not to judge, to be accepting, and [to] understand the challenges others may face. —Tory P.

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