Monday, September 21, 2020

Helping Girl Scouts Impacted by the Recent Natural Disasters

As we are all dealing with the day-to-day challenges the pandemic presents, our thoughts also go out to those in communities impacted by Hurricane Laura and the wildfires out west. As these natural disasters have greatly impacted many of our girls and their families, as well as our Girl Scouts colleagues in these regions, in consultation with Board Chair Kathy Hannan, Interim CEO Judith Batty has lifted the fundraising restriction to enable girls to raise money for Girl Scout recovery efforts at the following seven councils.

We have learned that when girls experience natural disasters like this and are surrounded by recovery efforts, participating in Girl Scouts can be one way to help them and their families feel some normalcy. As so many have asked how they can contribute to the recovery efforts for our sister Girl Scouts, we have included links to each council’s site or disaster relief page:

  1. Girl Scouts of California's Central Coast—
  2. Girl Scouts of Central California South—
  3. Girl Scouts of Colorado—
  4. Girl Scouts of Eastern Washington and Northern Idaho—
  5. Girl Scouts of Louisiana Pines to the Gulf—
  6. Girl Scouts of Northern California—
  7. Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington—

We also encourage you to check out some relevant resources that Girl Scouts offers:

Girl Scouts and Disaster Recovery

How to Talk to Your Kids About Natural Disasters

Please also know that we are communicating with our councils that have been in the path of Hurricane Sally and will share updates on how we can aid them too as we have them. During challenging times like these, we continue to be encouraged by the compassion our members have been showing one another.