Tuesday, August 25, 2020

Meet the Young Designers Who Created the NEW Girl Scout Uniform and Official Apparel Collection

The new official Girl Scout uniforms for Cadettes, Seniors, and Ambassadors, as well as our just-launched mix-and-match apparel collection for girls in grades 6–12, is here—SWEET! Redesigned for the first time in nearly 20 years, the collection is versatile and lets girls express their individuality. But the question on everyone’s mind: who’s behind the designs?

We chatted with Nidhi (a Girl Scout alum), Jenny, and Melissa, the three young female designers from the Fashion Institute of Technology (@fitnyc) to see what inspired them in creating this exciting new line for Girl Scouts.

What fashion trends were you able to incorporate into the new Girl Scout pieces?

NIDHI: As a Girl Scout alum, I feel current Girl Scouts will love the pieces we created! We drew inspiration from the Girl Scout archives as well as current trends! The main focus was on styles that fit all body types and satisfy different style preferences. “Everyday fashion” and comfort were also important considerations for us during the design process.

Ultimately, we want girls to feel proud to wear their Girl Scout uniform and apparel everywhere they go!

How do your designs reflect the needs and wants of Gen Z?

MELISSA: Before and during the design process, we consulted with current Girl Scouts to see what they wanted to wear. We felt the Girl Scout uniform and other affiliated clothing needed to reflect more of the trends of the current time. The girls we talked with wanted more modern and functional clothing they can wear to Girl Scout and non-Girl Scout activities that can be easily styled formally and casually. With these points in mind, we elevated existing garments and created new pieces that reflected their requests, like incorporating pockets into the sash and introducing a denim jacket. Our team focused on creating items that were trendy yet classic, and items that would not go out of style quickly.

What’s your favorite piece from the collection and why?

JENNY: My favorite piece is the pocket sash. I think the sash is an iconic piece and a staple of the Girl Scout uniform. We elevated this important piece by adding interior pockets that would provide functionality. We added these functional components without interfering with the manner in which badged are displayed. Girls can show off their affiliation while storing their necessities during events and activities.

MELISSA: I love the short-sleeve shirt dress with tie. It’s a piece that can be worn as a simple shift dress, or you can tie the belt around it for a different silhouette. It’s a dress that can easily be styled up or down: combine it with the denim jacket for a casual look when you’re with your friends or pair it with the new pocket sash or utility vest for a formal Girl Scout event.

NIDHI: My favorite piece in the collection is the denim utility wrap! I love it because of its versatility and functionality. Girls will be able to make this piece their own and layer it over any look—from outdoor adventures to official functions. I find it cool because it is such a fun accessory that can instantly change your look!

To learn more about Nidhi, Jenny, and Melissa, head to our Instagram stories and follow them on Instagram: @nidhibhasin, @fennyjeng, @melissa.posner

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