Thursday, June 11, 2020

Top Three Reasons to Go on Camp Adventures at Home

Girl Scouts Camp Adventures at Home

Getting outdoors, experiencing nature, and going to summer camp are some of the many reasons girls love Girl Scouts. But just because your girl may not be able to go camping the way she’d like to this year doesn’t mean she can’t discover Camp Adventures at Home. And for the first time ever, all girls can participate in virtual summer camps—from anywhere in the world! Here are three reasons she’ll have a blast with Camp Adventures at Home.

1. She’ll get away from the screen and get outside.

Even though these camps are virtual, she won’t be parked in front of a screen all summer. While she’ll check in through a mix of live and prerecorded sessions with counselors, there are plenty of activities to keep her busy away from the screen, independently or with a caregiver’s help. And don’t worry about summer camp FOMO. You can register for past camps to view recordings, so you won’t miss a thing.

2. Girls thrive in the outdoors.

When girls spend high-quality time outdoors and increase their exposure to nature, they flourish physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Our Virtual Camp Marketplace is full of opportunities for her to explore the outdoors, focus on nature, learn how she can protect the environment, and so much more. And research shows that her outdoor competence grows more with every badge she earns!

3. There’s a camp for every girl.

When you explore the Virtual Camp Marketplace, you’ll find camps for all interests—science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM); the arts; environmental stewardship; skill building; leadership; and culinary arts (across every Girl Scout grade level!). Prices for each adventure will vary by session, but Camp Adventures at Home are open to every girl, everywhere (even girls who aren’t yet Girl Scouts), so your girl will be more connected to her Girl Scout sisters across the Movement than ever before.