Monday, April 19, 2021

The Girl Scout Tree Promise: Plant, Protect, and Honor 5 Million Trees by 2026.

Climate change is one of the top issues concerning U.S. girls, particularly teens. In response, we’re tapping our powerful network of girls and adults to unite to work toward a solution.

With support from the Elliott Wildlife Values Project, American Forests, and SciStarter, GSUSA is launching the Girl Scout Tree Promise, a national protection initiative to plant 5 million trees across the United States by 2026. Fueled by their passion for protecting and preserving our planet, Girl Scouts throughout the country will lead these efforts as well as educate the public about why trees are such an imperative piece of the climate change solution.

And that’s not all! All good stewards of the environment know that it’s not enough just to plant a tree – Girl Scouts will continue their good work by protecting and honoring the trees they planted as well as the existing tree cover. Our friends at SciStarter have developed a Tree Promise Citizen Science page. Girl Scouts can support scientists from around the globe who are collecting data to help save trees and our planet!

Natural climate solutions, especially reforestation and planting trees, can provide 37% of the climate pollution reductions needed through 2030 to stabilize global warming below 2 degrees Celsius. In May 2019, the United Nations reported that biodiversity is declining faster than any other time in human history, signifying that a change needs to be made to reverse these effects. By planting and protecting 5 million trees, Girl Scouts will not only help provide habitats for wildlife but also help eliminate over 2 million metric tons of carbon dioxide—the equivalent of the annual carbon emissions from 425,000 cars or 239,000 homes or charging 255 billion smartphones.

Drawing from the national and local power of Girl Scouts countrywide, the initiative will engage scientists, outdoor enthusiasts, local and state governments, faith communities, and many others to lead like a Girl Scout and take action to protect and plant trees. The Girl Scout Tree Promise will educate girls and the public on the science behind trees' value to the ecosystem, as well as enrich their experience outdoors. According to the Girl Scout Research Institute study, Girl Scouts Soar in the Outdoors, exposing girls to new and challenging outdoor experiences enhances their confidence while helping them engage responsibly with nature and build environmental stewardship.

Juliette Low plants a tree at the Girl Guide World Wide Camp, Lyndhurst, England, 1924

Everyone (Girl Scouts and non-Girl Scouts) who plants a tree can record their good deeds through our online tree tracker. Participants will also be able to unlock a special Tree Promise patch that they can wear with pride.

But wait! There's more: Join us for the 'Planting the Future with the Tree Promise', a virtual event on Earth Day, April 22nd at 7:30 ET. Girls of all ages will be celebrating and taking the Tree Promise along with famous Girl Scout Alum, Danni Washington! Find out more and register here.

As Girl Scouts, we pride ourselves on taking action. That’s why in addition to launching the Girl Scout Tree Promise, we’re excited to join the US Chapter and the #TrillionTrees community to create healthy and resilient forests for future generations. Learn more about our pledge to #ConserveRestoreGrow here.

Get started planting, protecting, and honoring the trees in your community today! Make your promise now.

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