Thursday, February 3, 2011

In Her Own Words: Katherine Robinson

In Syracuse, NY, The Post-Standard has a column penned by seventeen year old Girl Scout Katherine Robinson. Katherine Robinson tells, in her own words, why she undertook a project to help preemies in the Crouse Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and how being a micro-preemie has affected her. Her account also appeared on the Crouse Hospital website.

"There was one activity that I started at 5 years old and have continued to engage in throughout high school: Girl Scouting," Katherine says. "Any girl can be a Girl Scout, where no girl faces obstacles and everyone is always welcome. Continuing Girl Scouting throughout middle school and high school, as most girls do not, I have learned many life skills. Not only have I developed immense skills in leadership, teamwork, communication and organization, I fully realize that making a difference can be a very simple act, which has a very large impact on the world."

A Girl Scout Gold Award recipient, Katherine's column is well worth reading. Definitely check it out.