Monday, January 10, 2011

Thriving Urban Programs are Impacting Kids' Lives

The Florida Times-Union reports that Girl Scouts was something that Brittany Price never got to do, but she encouraged her daughter, 8-year-old Kiara Goodman, to join. Since then, Price said, Kiara has been doing better in school, in her behavior and grades. And mom likes the guidance that the volunteer troop leaders give to the girls.

The article is about Girl Scout and Boy Scout troops that are flourishing in Jacksonville's subsidized apartments, urban churches and even homeless shelters. Scouting is reaching kids who wouldn't otherwise have the opportunity to be a part of it through two outreach programs that focus on urban and underserved communities. The programs are known in North Florida as the Girl Scouts' Niamoja service unit and the Boy Scouts' Mohawk District.

While their circumstances might be different, the ultimate goal is for Niamoja and Mohawk scouts to have the same experiences as their counterparts in the suburbs. Just as it would be in Mandarin or Orange Park, the Sulzbacher Center troop's December pinning ceremony was well-attended by parents and volunteers, some of them former Scouts themselves.

Definitely read the entire article here - Does your community have any similar outreach programs?