Monday, January 24, 2011

Can-Do-Kids Club Gets New Library

California's Pasadena Star News reports that for their Girl Scout Gold Award project, Kate Battaglia and Samantha Smith built a library at the Can-Do-Kids Club, a Pasadena after-school program for disadvantaged children. The girls pulled together more than $4,000 from friends, relatives and local charities. With the money, they built a custom out-building, then filled it with books. It replaced a dilapidated structure that had become over-run with weeds.

The building holds more than enough books to accommodate the children at the after-school program, exceeded Can-Do Kids Club Director Jennie Wiebe's expectations. Reporter Brian Charles relates that "listening to Kate Battaglia and Samantha Smith speak, one might confuse the pair for interior decorators or architects. Battaglia, 16 and Smith, 15, talk about light fixtures and floor plans with as much ease as they send text messages."

Awesome! Do you have any Girl Scout Gold Award stories to share?