Friday, November 5, 2010

MTV Twitter Jockey Gabi Gregg Applauds Girl Scout Research!

Gabi Gregg, MTV'S first ever Twitter Jockey, was a panelist at last night's tenth anniversary party for The Girl Scout Research Institute. Over at, she states:
"The research found that girls are actually more likely to downplay a lot of
positive characteristics on social media sites like Facebook, and would rather
present themselves as "crazy" or "sexy."
Further into the article, she very eloquently says:
"One thing I pointed out last night was that adults should not be completely
against social media for teens. Though it can be dangerous, it can also be an
extremely positive tool if used correctly. I encouraged the adults in the
audience to monitor their children's use of the Internet, but I also explained
how it played such an integral role in the development of my own
self-confidence. Having fun online and being safe are not mutually exclusive!"
Very well said... Thanks for being a part of the Girl Scout Research Institute's Tenth Anniversary last night Gabi - You Rock! Read the entire article here.