Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Girl Scout Troop Promises Not to Smoke

The Chicago Tribune recently ran a story on local Girl Scouts who were involved in an anti-tobacco campaign which enabled them to help the smokers in their lives quit smoking. Several girls from the Girl Scouts of Greater Chicago and Northwest Indiana Troop No. 60017 stood around a table, coloring poster boards with messages about the dangers of smoking and tobacco use.

Phrases such as "Smoking will cause you to lose your life" and "Don't smoke" lined the walls as parents, troop leaders, friends and onlookers admired the posters after the girls completed the Live Tobacco Free program. As part of the annual Great American Smokeout event, which goes back to 1972 and encourages smokers to quit for one day, the Girl Scouts partnered with the American Cancer Society.

Do you know anyone that you would like to see quit smoking? I know I do...