Monday, November 22, 2010

Brain Freeze, Robots and Girl Scouts!

In Monterey County, CA, The Herald reports that instead of selling cookies, Pacific Grove Girl Scout Troop 30606 spent its weekend programming a robot to solve biomedical challenges. Led by Lisa Reed, the team took the Judges Award in the LEGO League competition hosted by the Girl Scouts of the United States of America and NASA on Nov. 13.

Middle school students India Maaske, Ashley Reed, Lexi Rohrer, Shannon Sands, Rachel Sands and Ella Winter were tasked with programming a robot made out of LEGOs to perform biomedical-centered tasks. The challenges included affixing a pacemaker made out of LEGOs to a mock-up of a heart and using a robotic arm to grasp objects. Very impressive!

In addition to their programming tasks, the girls were required to research a medical topic and present a solution to competition judges. The girls picked the topic of brain freeze. Their solution consisted of a retainer lined with biomedical foam to insulate the mouth.