Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Trending - Girls in Ice Hockey

In Bismark, ND, Joey Whelan reports for KFYR-TV that members of the Mandan Girl Scouts recently participated in "Put the Biscuit in the Net" - a national campaign to increase female participation in the sport of ice hockey. The goal of this event is to help increase the nearly 60,000 girls nationwide who are currently active in the sport. In many instances the mission of the instructors is to simply make sure their students are as comfortable on the ice in skates as they are walking around in a pair of shoes. Once the comfort level has been established, the aim is to instill a love of the game that hopefully will lead to a new generation of hockey players. Check out the video report here. Over the last year, I've reported on similar hockey stories in Tampa Bay and Las Vegas - Perhaps a trend?

Do you know any Girl Scout ice hockey players?