Thursday, August 19, 2010

Building Homes with Cookie Cash

The Long Island Herald has a fantastic and extensive article about Valley Stream Girl Scout Troop 2053, who recently spent a week working for Habitat for Humanity in Salem, N.J. After years together as a troop, the girls decided that they wanted to do something meaningful as a group before they went their separate ways, and with everyone entering either college, or senior year of high school, this would be their last chance. They decided that after years of cookie sales, they wanted to do something with their money that would introduce them to a new experience while helping those in need at the same time.

The article relates that Habitat for Humanity was the obvious choice as it offered a great life experience as well as important lessons in home improvement, and gave the girls an opportunity to see their work materialized in the form of a house for a single mother of two young children. Definitely read the entire article!

Also, when I was reading this article and looking through the pictures, I was reminded of our new Brand Campaign - specifically the ad about building homes. Cool stuff indeed.

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