Friday, July 16, 2010

Keeping Gold Beach Gold

In Gold Beach, OR, The Curry County Reporter tells the tale of Girl Scout Troop Leader Tammy Oliver and five local Girl Scouts who are hoping to make a huge impact on the landscape of Gold Beach. This past Saturday, five members of Girl Scout Troop 30541 officially kicked off their local part of the national ‘Challenge and Change' project. The girls hope to help unite the entire community in beautifying Gold Beach. At the kick-off event, the scouts helped dispose of trash and weeds at City Hall, and they had an information booth - At the booth, the girls unveiled three new projects - a segment of the challenge they are calling Polishing the Gold. The first is an adopt-a-block project where businesses or community members would commit to being responsible to keep the block clean near their residence or business. The second is a sustainable flower box program where the Girl Scouts would provide the container with flowers. After delivery the business would be responsible for weeding, watering, and keeping the planter box going. The third project would be the construction of a new ‘Welcome to Gold Beach' sign at the south entrance to town.

The ultimate goal for the girls is for the entire community to create a few projects as a solid foundation and for the rest of the community to run with it and sustain the effort for years to come. Definitely read the entire article and share your stories of Girl Scouts contributing to the environmental sustainability of your communities.