Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Gold Goes to Literacy

Around age ten, I listened to Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation album like it would disappear at any second. Track number three is a powerhouse called 'The Knowledge' - a song that spelled out the importance of literacy and education in youth with lyrics like:
"We've gotta teach our kids to read & write-That's the only way to win this fight for life-Education is the goal so if you wanna be in the know - get the knowledge, It's the one thing we all need in life"
-All set over a pretty ferocious beat no less. Regardless, twenty years later, I am overjoyed to read a story about a Girl Scout earning her Gold Award by instigating a book drive and essay contest in her community. In New Jersey, The Denville Neighborhood News reports that Megan Seraphin, a senior at Morris Knolls High School and member of Girl Scout Troop No. 1006, did exactly that! Seraphin collected more than 1,475 books for the Bridge of Books Foundation and as a second part of her project, she hosted an essay contest for students in grades three through eight. In her own words, Seraphin says,
"I chose this project to stress the importance of reading and to promote
literacy in struggling communities... So many children in this country do not
have access to books, which is crucial to developing essential literacy skills."
Good work indeed! Do you have Gold Award stories you'd like to share? If so, please do.