Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Tree the Town in Texas

The Dallas Morning News has a story today about an initiative called Tree the Town - a campaign in Richardson, TX, to add 50,000 trees on public and private land in the city over the next few years. Sunday's kickoff saw the first 100 planted by shovel-wielding volunteers. The city is relying on volunteers to do most of the planting on public land and has incurred no additional budgeted costs, while some city departments have had stepped-up workloads for the campaign. Richardson residents who plant trees on their property can register them with the city to be part of the Tree the Town. Speaking in terms everyone can understand, eleven year old Girl Scout Lindsay Okonek illustrates why Tree the Town is essential:
"It's important for the environment"
Well said Lindsay! Speaking of the environment - What are your plans for Earth Day? Let us know.