Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney secured $300K for Girl Scouts of the USA’s Financial Literacy Program

Yesterday in Astoria, Queens (NYC), Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney (D-Queens/Manhattan) announced that she had successfully secured $305,875 for the Girl Scouts of the USA’s Financial Literacy Program - which aims to create a comprehensive, effective and universal initiative to help girls better manage their finances. Representative Maloney made the announcement at her District Office in Astoria, where she was joined by Denise Pesich, Vice President for Communications of the Girls Scouts of the USA; Pat Stensrud, Chair of the Girl Scouts of Greater New York; and area Girl Scout leaders and members from Troops 4192, 4566 and 4567 in western Queens. On the importance of the Financial Literacy Program, Maloney said:
“The Girl Scouts are an extraordinarily effective and inspirational organization that was founded to give girls an opportunity to develop self-reliance and resourcefulness. In today's world, we understand that one of the most important skills girls can learn is financial self-reliance... I am proud to announce that
the Congress of the United States has appropriated $305,875 to create a
comprehensive, effective and universal financial literacy program for 2.6
million Girl Scouts of all ages. Girls who go through this program will learn
the tools they need to succeed. As important as it is to learn how to light a
one-match fire, it is far more important to learn how to open a bank account,
balance a check book and save for the future.”
Girl Scouts of the USA is in the process of updating and expanding its financial literacy programming for 3.6 million Girl Scouts of all ages. With the $305,875 secured by Congresswoman Maloney, Girl Scouts plans to create cutting-edge technologies, digital enhancements and other online tools to develop girls’ financial literacy. Future plans also include the creation of a nation-wide network of mentors, coaches, guides, experts who serve as role-models for girls and help them “learn by doing;” DVDs, training modules and other tools for parents, leaders, and other volunteers; and funding for local councils to deliver programming to girls, develop mentorship opportunities with local prominent businesswomen, and other activities.

Girl Scouts of the USA's Chief Executive Officer Kathy Cloninger said:

“Girl Scouts of the USA applauds Congresswoman Carolyn Maloney for supporting our financial literacy efforts... Congresswoman Maloney recognizes that being financially savvy is one of the important areas for girls on the road to success. By supporting Girl Scouts’ financial literacy and entrepreneurial efforts, she’s empowering the next generation of young leaders.”