Friday, March 19, 2010

Valuable Life Lessons Learned From Girl Scouting

Northwest Asian Weekly is running one of the best articles I've read in a while, which is no small accomplishment considering the amount of truly positive attention Girl Scouting garners on both the local and national level. The headline reads 'Girl Scouts helps young girls while shaking off the suburban stereotype' - and is a true testament to the life enhancing experiences Girl Scouting offers not only to girls, but to the community as a whole. Grace Chien, CEO of The Girl Scouts of Western Washington, is quoted throughout, starting with:
"I think what people need to recognize about the Girl Scouts is that it’s very
much a grass roots organization... Most of our programs and Girl Scout troops,
which are led by adult volunteers, and their service to the community are driven
by the interests of the girls."
The article, which confronts the issues of cultural acclimation and accessibility to youth programs in regards to marginalized communities, is best summed up by quoting Girl Scout and high school freshman Julie Nguyen:
"Before I joined Girl Scouts, I was this girl who didn’t think about going to
college or think about doing good in school. I didn’t have many friends because
I was pretty mean... But when Girl Scouts came into my life, I became this
outgoing, funny, respectful girl with lots of potential."
Definitely check out this article. Also, what do you think the benefits of Girl Scouting are?