Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Marine Surprises Girl Scouts With a Visit

In Connecticut, The Middleton Press is running an extremely cool article about Marine Reservist Lance Cpl. Robert LaFleur - who surprised the scouts by coming to a meeting to thank them for a Christmas care package they sent him, while he was stationed in Iraq! The girls sent food and cards to LaFleur and his unit, which the Marine said cheered them up a lot. LaFleur said:
“The cards were beautiful”
After giving LaFleur the honor of holding the flag for the scouts’ opening ceremony, the girls were welcome to ask the Marine any questions they wanted about his service. They inquired about what it was like to be a Marine and be in a war, among other things. For video and more, definitely check out the entire
article. Also, let us know about ways The Girl Scouts in your communities reach out to soldiers - Have you personally been involved with sending care packages abroad?