Friday, March 5, 2010

All Things Considered Celebrates Girl Scouts Online Marketing Efforts

Yesterday, NPR's legendary show All Things Considered ran a segment on Girl Scouts and our efforts to venture online and market cookies. Definitely take a listen when you get a chance. In the piece, Laurel Richie, Chief Marketing Officer for the Girl Scouts of the USA, says that whether the girls are marketing in person or online, the important thing is that they're coming up with a plan and executing it. Of the transition to online marketing, she states:
"I love the fact that we're moving from door to door, to online, because it says that we're really in touch with girls today."
The piece also touches on our Blog in partnership with Microsoft Windows to assist parents and teens in bridging the generational, digital divide -
LMK (LMK, text-speak for Let Me Know). Check it out! While you're at it - let's keep circulating our recent PSA, "What Can A Cookie DO?", posted below.