Friday, February 26, 2010

Voluntary Product Withdraw: Small Selection of Lemon Chalet Crème Cookies

Hello Everyone - Here is a statement on our voluntary product withdrawal of a small selection of Chalet Crème Cookies. First and foremost, there is no safety risk and second, no other Girl Scout Cookies are affected.

Girl Scouts of the USA received some complaints involving Little Brownie Baker’s Chalet Crème Cookies. The complaints centered on the taste and/or smell of the cookies. After doing some fact-finding, we learned that the Lemon Chalet cookies of the 15 lots in question are safe to eat; but do not pass Little Brownie’s quality test. Thirty-one councils have been affected, and all have been notified with specific batch numbers.

Please keep in mind that no other cookie varieties in our product line are affected by this quality withdrawal. This situation affects approximately 6.5% of Chalet Crème Cookies produced for the current season.

For more information please visit Little Brownie Bakers and, as always, head on over to if you want to find Girl Scout Cookies near you!

Below is the statement coming from Little Brownie Bakers:

Statement re: Lemon Chalet Crème Cookies

Little Brownie Bakers recently received a few contacts from consumers informing us of an off taste and smell from certain packages of Lemon Chalet Crème cookies. We immediately took the precautionary step of testing product samples. We determined that while the cookies are safe for consumers to eat, they are not up to our quality standards.

Certain lots of Lemon Chalet Crème cookies contain oils that may be breaking down which can result in an off taste and smell. We are asking that the councils that received these batches return any product inventory in their control to us. The affected Lemon Chalet Crème cookie batches have the following lot codes:


All of the Girl Scout Councils that received these lot codes will be notified directly. We will provide replacement product for councils and consumers. No other Girl Scout cookies are involved. In the event that consumers experience an off taste and smell in this product, they should call 1-800-962-1718 or contact us at

The quality of our products is a top priority for Little Brownie Bakers. We sincerely apologize to any consumers affected and are committed to working with the impacted Girl Scout councils through this issue. If Girl Scout councils receive a contact from the press or media, please refer them our for assistance.